So…third day in. I’ve given you men. I’ve given you videos, dancing, kissing. Whatever shall I do now. Hmmm….

Let us go with blog links! Yes…that’s it. Blog links. I have a TON of blogs in my google reader and I will share a few links. NOW…some of these will NOT be safe for work or the view of anyone under 18! Click with caution! Some of them WILL have m/m stuff on it and nakedness! Just sayin’. – a new blog that has naked mens! And some other stuff. lol – ahhh…Coffee and Porn in the Morning. This blog has EVERYTHING. m/m – f/f – m/f – and all of the above and Coffee. lol I love this blog. – This blog is so great and I just love it. Brad and Matt have been together…a year…I think and they are sharing themselves with the people who read the blog. What they are going through as a new couple. Their ups and downs and some it is just really great. I enjoy reading this one every day. I admire them greatly! – Thorny is awesome. Some of the inspiration for my WIP Rayne’s Wild Ride came from Thorny and his man Jazz. Also – a site that Thorny posted on his blog helped with a gift Ray gives to Pip in the story. Thorny is a great young man with awesome talent. His blog along with 2boysinlove make me smile and truly believe in love. – If you read Amber Kell you should go to her blog. She post a blog story (actually she is picking a new one soon) as well as teases her readers because she is EVIL that way. lol And she lets us know when her books go up for pre sale. 🙂 – TA Chase. Do I need to say anything else? lol I LIVE for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s on her blog. Those are the days she post her blog stories. She also has some nice eye candy to share. – One of my favorite porn stars blog. Nick Moretti. He is great. Love him. He finally moved to San Fran and has a boyfriend now. I’m happy for them both. He once wrote the BEST blog ever because it is SO funny AND yes…there is m/m action on this link! Be warned. He IS a porn star. lol – On this blog I did my Once Upon a Dragon free read! The cook think Kris does is she challenges authors to come up with a story using prompts from the readers of her blog. It is SO totally cool and a lot of fun to do! These are ALL m/m stories. 🙂 AND…she torments her brother and shares with the rest of us. lol TOO funny. – This blog usually does a lot of contest for m/m books and Chris does this cool thing with covers. I know a few of mine have been up. lol She does a short story using covers that have the same model on them. All done in fun.

So there you have it. Blog links. And…that isn’t even 1/2 of what I have. lol

As a good bye…here is an awesome picture.

This is the picture I wrote my m/m Goodreads story for. 🙂 You have to be a member to read it. At least until the put out the free ebook. I’ll let everyone know when that is out. Over 100 m/m stories from some great authors. 🙂

3 Responses to “Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    WOW!! That is a awesome picture. Thanks for the blog links.

  2. WOW great sites thanks 🙂

  3. OK, so it took me FOREVER to 1) get home so I could get to myown computer; and 2) go through ALL the blog sites – OK, in love with Nick now…he’s a very exciting man! He’s not Adam though….I have more bookmarks, YEAH!

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