Blog Day 2

Or is it three? Who knows about these things. See…I prepared nothing in advance. Nada. So…again…you benefit. How do you ask? More men. What else? I’m good with the men pictures. ROFL! I have tons. Hmmm…but I think I’ll do something a little different. YouTube. I’m going to share some links. Yep! Nice links. With some kissing (men kissing men heehee) Some dancing. Yeah…good idea. So–here goes.

Pole Dancing



Love this song. It’s my ring tone

Great dance. One of my favs.

Hottest kiss EVER and the music is the best

Love this scene in Queer as Folk. So awesome

I LOVE Ianto.  He was so great for Jack. *sigh*


A little Adam for Kim. This, I think, is from his first scene in front of the camera! As you can see…he isn’t credited in the vid. lol

This dance is just awesome!

Last year I got sucked into this Spanish soap story line. lol


Great song. heehee

Great Fairytale, but it’s long and totally worth it. lol

And I will leave you with one of my favorite singers. I just love Jay Brannan. I listen to his cd EVERY day.


10 Responses to “Blog Day 2”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Do I need to shut the door for these??? There are people in the house today.

  2. To play it safe I would say yes. They are from youtube so they don’t have nudity. Um…maybe a butt…I can’t remember. lol Most of them are clean, but some do have language and can be suggestive. 🙂

  3. Katherine Says:

    Jambrea – thanks for the great links. I just escaped my reality for a little while by watching link after link. I really like the Jay Brannan!!

  4. Ivelisse Says:

    Thanks for all the links Jambi. You just made me miss Queer as Folk sssooo much, I cried at that scene and cried even harder after what happened next. That was one show that my husband loved too.

  5. jambrea Says:

    I cried too. Even wrote a Fan Fic to give it the ending I wanted! Got my MIL hooked and even my FIL loved it. It was such a great show!

    Here is my link to my Fan Fic. Much better outcome. lol

    But I wrote it before I finished watching the whole series. I watched season one and then the episode of the series. If I re wrote it, I might do a couple things different.

    • Ivelisse Says:

      That was great thanks for sharing with me. I still catch the reruns on Logo. I was sort of disappointed with the way the show ended, but I guess I was just wanting more. Did you ever watch the episode when Michael was secretly watching Brian undress and he noticed he had the bloody scarf underneath his clothes OMG that part broke my heart!

  6. BIG WET TONGUE SLOPPY KISS!!! I love Adam!!!! Oh and Steven Retchless is my newest boy love (he’s over 21)! He’s amazing!!!!! He’s on tonight too!!!! Thank you!!!! Oh, and yes, it’s the first scene (think I have it memorized – ROFL) Zeb and Adam aren’t as sexy as Michael and Adam though…. OK, I have to admit, those are the other two things I watched, b/c I watched them over and over and over and over again….sigh

    • jambrea Says:

      heehee 🙂 I agree…I LOVE Steven and I’ll be watching tonight so I can vote. I need to call and use the internet. lol hmm…I have two phone lines too! heehee

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