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New Books to Look For

Posted in Bianca D'Arc, Jess Dee, New Releases on June 29, 2013 by biancadarc

As it turns out, I have a new book coming out in about three days. Here are the details:

The Dragon Healer by Bianca D'ArcThe Dragon Healer

What’s better than a knight sweeping you off your feet? Two knights.

Silla is a healer riding circuit on the border, helping those in need. When she hears the pained cries of a dragon in distress, she comes to his aid, using most of her precious supplies to help the badly injured creature.

The dragon’s knight, Brodie, is fascinated by the woman – the miracle worker – who has come to help his friend. She is both beautiful and kind hearted and he quickly realizes she is his destined mate. And if she is Brodie’s mate, she is Geoff’s as well, for Brodie’s dragon was mated to Geoff’s dragon many years ago.

Geoff doesn’t believe in the tales of love at first sight among knights, but he knows that when either he or Brodie finds a wife, they will share her. Hearing about the dragon’s injury, Geoff and his dragon race to help, only to find the dragon on the mend and Brodie in bed with the most stunning woman Geoff has ever seen.

Love at first sight turns out to be real and it strikes them all as they come together and realize that no matter what the obstacles, they are meant to be together. Silla is the missing link that will join their lives and make them a true Lair family.

Warning: Knights like to get frisky and these two are no exception. Beware the passion, playfulness, a bit of bondage and a whole lot of three-way loving with a tiny bit of exhibitionism thrown in for good measure.

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Summer Clothes

Posted in Bianca D'Arc on June 27, 2013 by biancadarc

Oh boy. Summer clothes is our next topic. First, let me say, I really hate shorts. Very few people actually look good in shorts and most of them are half my age. Even when I was that young, I didn’t wear them often. So that wouldn’t be on my list of favorite summer clothing choices.

I used to really look forward to flip flop season, but in the past few years, I haven’t wanted to go through the first few weeks of painful toes before I got used to wearing them again. I’ve fallen out of the habit. Likewise, I don’t really wear sandals anymore. Not sure why. But I do still love my Keds. I love that part of summer. The little white sneakers with cute little socks.

Summer weight fabrics are nice. I enjoy switching from big, bulky sweaters to lightweight cotton, and summer dresses are lots of fun! We have a lot of beachy-themed fabrics here on Long Island. Sun dresses in all sorts of lengths. Some very flowy things that can double as beach coverups. Lots of casual wear that’s super comfy.

I’m not much of a fashion plate myself anymore. I spend a lot of time in jeans or sweats. T-shirts and light-weight printed tops. It’s nice not having to go to an office every day anymore. Wearing suits in the summer was  a serious drag. But I admit, I’ve become a bit of a slob since I don’t actually have to “go to work” anymore. I work, but I’m a comfy little slob sitting in my comfy little computer chair. And I enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

Favorite Summer Foods

Posted in Bianca D'Arc on June 25, 2013 by biancadarc

Summer on Long Island usually means lots of barbeques. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad… All the standard barbeque fare in the Northeast of the United States. The food tastes even better when you’re down by one of the many beaches we have here. The ocean facing beaches are a little bigger and nicer than the ones that face the Long Island Sound, but they’re all nice, really.

I live sort of in the middle of the Island. It’s about a twenty minute drive either way to the sound or the ocean, so I have my choice. Or I can just stay home in my lovely green (overgrown) garden. I’m not a big fan of heat when it comes to weather, so on really hot days, it’s a lot better for me to stay in, set the ceiling fan to high and get a tall glass of water with a bunch of ice cubes in it. If it gets really hot, I put on the air conditioner, but I hate the noise, so I use it somewhat sparingly unless it’s in the upper 80’s, or above.

One great way to beat the heat is to make your own fruit pops. I used to love to buy the different ice pops they sell in the stores, but they don’t always have the best ingredients. Lots of sugar. Lots of unpronounceable things in them. And it’s pretty easy to make your own, healthy pops or ices.

Italian ices are basically sugar, water and a little flavoring frozen in a cup. A fruit ice, which is what I call my little creations can contain any fruit you have on hand. Simply throw a bunch of fruit in a blender. I like to use honeydew melon, grapes, berries and a little orange juice. Puree, then pour it into small Dixie cups and put them in the freezer.

If you want to make them into pops, put a stick in the middle before freezing and pop them out later, by dipping the cup into warm water for a few moments before popping them out. But if you don’t have sticks, you can just eat it with a spoon from the cup after it’s frozen, just like an Italian ice – only healthier. Enjoy!

My Favorite Thing About Summer

Posted in Bianca D'Arc on June 23, 2013 by biancadarc

Jess Dee and I are sharing the blog this week and since it’s summer in the States and winter in Oz, we decided to compare notes about summer vs. winter. I’m starting off with my favorite things about summer.

Bianca's BunnyHmm… well… to be honest, I like spring and fall most of all. Winter is probably my third favorite season, followed, in last place, by poor old summer. But there are a few things about summer that I find fun. First and foremost, I’d probably have to say, the garden. Everything is growing, blooming, buzzing and just going crazy back there during the summer!

I keep a row of about four birdhouses in my backyard that my mother originally put up years ago. Every year, we have multiple families of sparrows who take up residence to raise their little ones. I can see them from my window as I work on my computer and I spend a lot of time each day, when it’s not too hot, with the back slider open, the ceiling fan set on a lazy swirl and a glass of ice water at my side, sweating, as I write.

It’s actually kind of nice. 🙂 Summer on Long Island usually involves the beach, but I like marching to the beat of a slightly different drummer. My garden and all my little feathered and furry friends do it for me. (The pic is of a little wild bunny that decided to nibble on carrots in my garden last year.) Besides, the beaches are just too crowded this time of year. I’d rather walk along the shore in the early spring or fall, before school’s out. 😉 Who’s with me?

A blog for all seasons

Posted in Bianca D'Arc, Jess Dee, Random chaos on June 23, 2013 by Jess Dee

Okay, maybe that should read a blog for two seasons.

Because this week, Bianca and I are taking over International Heat and focusing on summer and winter.

“What?” “Why?” I hear you ask.

Simple. Here in Sydney Australia, it’s miserable, wet, cold and the middle of winter, while for B up near New York, it’s summer. And warm. And sunny. And lovely.

And since this is International Heat, we figured we’d focus on the contrast between her life and mine right now. In winter. And summer.

Enjoy the week.


Word of the Day…

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Today’s blog is brought to you by the word: Cockamamie

Bianca D’Arc and Rhian Cahill are joining in for the fun today!


Jambrea Jo Jones

He’d had enough of this cockamamie bullshit and it was going to stop now. Henry loved his mother with all of his heart, but she had to stop getting on Fred’s case. Henry was happier than he’d ever been, but if he heard the name Shawn one more time he was going to blow a gasket. The visit was supposed to be short because his mom was going to his sisters, but something had come up at the last minute and she had to stay.

I love my mother, I love my mother. I will not kill her. I love my mother.

Henry hoped Fred didn’t make him sleep on the couch for a month once he found out Henry’s mother was staying for another week.


Mari Carr

“What kind of cockamamie bullshit is this?”

Jessica looked up when her roommate, Russ, walked into her bedroom and tossed a book down on her bed.

She blushed, quickly tucking the book behind several others on a shelf. Russ had been out of town all weekend, returning at the crack of dawn and far earlier than she’d expected him. She’d had far too much wine last night, reading the instruction manual from cover to cover before foolishly leaving it on the coffee table and stumbling to bed to try out the suggestions it offered. “Um. It’s just a joke.”

Russ crossed his arms and studied her face. “A joke? Forgive me, but I’m trying to figure out what’s funny about a beautiful, sexy woman like you reading a book about how to have an orgasm. Is there something you want to tell me, Jess?”

She laughed nervously. Hell would freeze over before she admitted to her handsome roommate that she’d never managed to have an orgasm. It was bad enough she’d wasted twenty bucks on the thing. She’d tried—unsuccessfully—for nearly two hours last night to achieve the elusive climax with her fingers, her vibrator, a bullet and a dildo. Nothing worked.

Jessica glanced around the room quickly, suddenly worried Russ would spot her pile of sex toys. God, could this whole thing be any more humiliating?

“Jess? I’m waiting for an answer.”

“It’s a gag gift.”

“For who?”

Jessica paused, searching for a name. She was a terrible liar and Russ knew it. Her face flamed hotter and her mind went blank. “Uh…”

“Forget it, Jess. I’ll save you from having to lie to me. Take off your clothes. I’m going to give you some thing I’m damn sure that silly book didn’t.”


Bianca D’Arc

Who’s cockamamie idea was it to go on a man hunt in a shifter bar? Probably her friend Bonnie’s idea of a joke, but the joke was on her when a yummy werewolf had asked her to dance and refused to let her go after just one. Suzi wasn’t sure what she was doing here, but the eye candy was definitely drool-worthy as she looked around at the handsome, well-built men. She felt a little like Little Bo Peep who’s sheep just got eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. And he was heading her way. Look out, boys. Little Red Riding Hood was about to catch herself a wolf.


Rhian Cahill

“That has to be the most cockamamie idea you’ve ever come up with.” Billy shook his head. “Do you really think that’s gonna get you the girl? Dude. You need to get some new moves.”

“What? I thought women liked to take care of men.”

“Yeah, but not ones pretending to be injured after chasing down a pretend robber.”

“Look, it’ll work if you just do as I said and make sure it looks real.”

Shit! Brian might be Billy’s best friend in the whole world but even that wasn’t enough to get him to go alone with this plan. “Hell no! Find some other chump to help.”

Phrase of the Day…

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Today’s blog is brought to you by the phrase: Oh, but no.

This week is about showing you how authors can take the same words but give you a different feel. Bianca D’Arc  and Lexxie Couper came out to play with us today. With no further ado…


Jambrea Jo Jones

Fred went for a walk. He needed to get away from his shrew of a mother-in-law. She was always nagging and telling him he wasn’t good enough for her Henry. Shit it even sounded like her in his head. He couldn’t escape.

Fred was a doctor with his own practice and an ER rotation. He had saved many lives in his day, but no, that wasn’t good enough for her Henry. Henry shouldn’t have to work. Henry should have kids to look after and Fred didn’t spend enough time with Henry.

Henry tried to tell him mom to back off—came to Fred’s defense more times than he could count, but she would come back with—oh, but no, you aren’t good enough, not like that nice boy—what was his name. Shawn was his name and they both new it. Damn it, she couldn’t leave fast enough.


Mari Carr

Mari sighed as she kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the ottoman. “What should we blog about this week? New releases? General observations about life? Sex toys?”

“Sex toys?” Jambrea asked.

“Why not? We’ve both recently gotten some new ones we like.”

Jambrea laughed. “No. What if we do some original writing? Something funny and fun? We could get the ladies on the Heat Wave yahoo group to give us weird phrases and words that we have to use in paragraphs.”

Mari crinkled her nose. “That sounds like hard work.”

Jambrea rolled eyes and giggled. “Shut up. We’re doing it.” She began clicking away on her computer as Mari took a sip of wine and stretched lazily.

Within ten minutes, Jambrea—with the help of friends—had generated the most bizarre list of words and phrases in history. “Here. Here’s what we’re going to write about.”

Mari looked over the list, with one eyebrow raised. “Seriously?”

Jambrea nodded.

“Great.” Mari’s tone betrayed the fact she was less than enthusiastic. “You realize we could have been talking about my amazing new little bullet that has two speeds—fast and OMFG. Oh, but no…you decide you’d rather write about fuckerdoodles, clam jams and cockamamie shit like that!”

Jambrea crossed her arms, giving Mari a no-nonsense look. “Just write.”



Bianca D’Arc

Oh, but no way was Sally going to put up with that kind of garbage. She kicked off her stiletto heels and got ready to kick some major ass. Who cares if her opponent was bigger and stronger? Sally was fast and small, and really pissed off. Time to let the werewolf know just how much of a bitch she could be.


Lexxie Couper

Oh, but no.


No no no.

There was no way in hell he was putting that thing anywhere near me.


He gave me a crooked smile, and dropped me a wink.

“It won’t hurt,” he promised, moving closer, his fingers wrapped around the daunting length of the device. Device? Huh! More like—

“I guarantee you won’t feel pain. Now open wide.”

I chewed on my bottom lip, closed my eyes and nodded. I trusted him. He was my dentist after all.

The needle pierced the inside of my mouth.

The fucking bastard lied. It hurt like hell!