What to do when you see the train coming…

… But can’t get out of the way?

There are a limited number of truly life changing events that you can see coming. Those that you can–starting a new job, getting married–you can prep for. And if you hate your new job or your new spouse you can’t just quit that bitch!

The ones that you don’t see coming, that you can’t prep for–illness, getting fired–usually rock your world so hard that you just deal in whatever half-assed way you can.

One week from today (Monday) is my due date. As far as I can tell I’m about to get body slammed by the worst of both kinds of change. I know it’s coming, and I’m prepping, but I know no matter what I do I won’t really be ready.

I tried to convince Farm Boy that we should not have kids, get another cat, and travel the world. He said “er…” And then looked pointedly at my rather large stomach.

T-minus one week people. This is not a drill.

Here’s a progress shot of the nursery.


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