Summer Clothes

Oh boy. Summer clothes is our next topic. First, let me say, I really hate shorts. Very few people actually look good in shorts and most of them are half my age. Even when I was that young, I didn’t wear them often. So that wouldn’t be on my list of favorite summer clothing choices.

I used to really look forward to flip flop season, but in the past few years, I haven’t wanted to go through the first few weeks of painful toes before I got used to wearing them again. I’ve fallen out of the habit. Likewise, I don’t really wear sandals anymore. Not sure why. But I do still love my Keds. I love that part of summer. The little white sneakers with cute little socks.

Summer weight fabrics are nice. I enjoy switching from big, bulky sweaters to lightweight cotton, and summer dresses are lots of fun! We have a lot of beachy-themed fabrics here on Long Island. Sun dresses in all sorts of lengths. Some very flowy things that can double as beach coverups. Lots of casual wear that’s super comfy.

I’m not much of a fashion plate myself anymore. I spend a lot of time in jeans or sweats. T-shirts and light-weight printed tops. It’s nice not having to go to an office every day anymore. Wearing suits in the summer was  a serious drag. But I admit, I’ve become a bit of a slob since I don’t actually have to “go to work” anymore. I work, but I’m a comfy little slob sitting in my comfy little computer chair. And I enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

2 Responses to “Summer Clothes”

  1. Grace S Says:

    I love summer clothes because I am capri and Keds kind of gal. At this moment, I am wearing sky blue capri pants, a white and sky blue shirt and white canvas knock off Keds. 🙂

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