My favorite things about winter

Ah, winter. The cold air, the frosty breath. Icy mornings getting out of bed, cold days when you wish the sun would shine a little harder and warm up your bones, and freezing nights that seem to get more freezing with every passing minute.

Know what I like about winter?


I know. Pathetic, huh? But it’s the truth. I despise being cold.

North Americans don’t really understand why I complain so much. Let’s face it, when it comes to winter, Sydney’s temperatures are pretty moderate. The coldest day here would reach about 12 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Fahrenheit.) And nights MAY drop to 6-7 C (42-45F). But here’s what we don’t have. Central heating. And the houses aren’t built to keep out the cold. So if the wind howls, it also blows in cold air through cracks around the doors and windows. Which, in a nutshell, just makes winter f***ing cold and miserable.

I’ve had to really think hard to find something good about this season. And I did manage to come up with two things:

1) My bed!

(Nope, sorry. This isn’t actually mine. This image is taken from Crate and Barrel, advertising their bed linen.)

There is very little I like more than getting into bed on a cold winter night. We change the summer doonas (or duvets for those who don’t talk Australian) for the warm, cozy winter ones. And boy oh boy, climbing under those covers is about the best treat in every day.

This treat is only made more special by Mr Dee. See, Mr Dee has two things going for him in winter: 1) He radiates more heat than a heater and 2) he’s a snuggler.

So, my bed + my doona + my hubby = one content Jess.

2) My bath

(Oh, my. However did a photo of Eric in the bath tub pop up on one of my blog posts???)

In summer, I’m a shower girl through and through. And even in winter, I start every morning with a shower.

But come a miserable winter’s night, when my toes are freezing and I can’t imagine ever being warm again…there is nothing to beat a bath.

Stepping into that heated water, feeling it envelop your icy skin, settling down into its depths…


Yep, its the perfect way to end a cold day. Add a book to the picture? Heaven!

(Oh, and add Eric to the picture… 🙂 )


Today is the 24th of June. Which means I have two months and six days to go until spring. Or 68 more nights.

But who’s counting…?


4 Responses to “My favorite things about winter”

  1. I’m so sorry but I feel exactly the same way and we have central heat. I HATE winter. I hate feeling cold. The only way I get any enjoyment is drinking something hot, huddled around my heat vent while watching the snow come down as long as I don’t have to go out in it. Winter takes forever to end. I really need to win the lottery so I can head south for the winter.

    • Terri, I’m with you on all counts – except for watching snow and heading South for winter.
      There’s no snow in Sydney – and we’d have to head north.

  2. I hate winter too, Jess and I’m in nice sunny Cali where winter temps are moderate as well but do have central heat which I rarely use…I don’t like the bloody nose and sore throat that goes with dry heat I’m inhaling. Instead, I snuggle under my heated blanket with a good, sexy book 😃

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