My Favorite Thing About Summer

Jess Dee and I are sharing the blog this week and since it’s summer in the States and winter in Oz, we decided to compare notes about summer vs. winter. I’m starting off with my favorite things about summer.

Bianca's BunnyHmm… well… to be honest, I like spring and fall most of all. Winter is probably my third favorite season, followed, in last place, by poor old summer. But there are a few things about summer that I find fun. First and foremost, I’d probably have to say, the garden. Everything is growing, blooming, buzzing and just going crazy back there during the summer!

I keep a row of about four birdhouses in my backyard that my mother originally put up years ago. Every year, we have multiple families of sparrows who take up residence to raise their little ones. I can see them from my window as I work on my computer and I spend a lot of time each day, when it’s not too hot, with the back slider open, the ceiling fan set on a lazy swirl and a glass of ice water at my side, sweating, as I write.

It’s actually kind of nice. 🙂 Summer on Long Island usually involves the beach, but I like marching to the beat of a slightly different drummer. My garden and all my little feathered and furry friends do it for me. (The pic is of a little wild bunny that decided to nibble on carrots in my garden last year.) Besides, the beaches are just too crowded this time of year. I’d rather walk along the shore in the early spring or fall, before school’s out. 😉 Who’s with me?

4 Responses to “My Favorite Thing About Summer”

  1. Summer is not my favorite season either since it’s too hot in California and I’ll admit I don’t like the heat or doing anything outdoors, especially hanging out at the beach. LOL! I like Fall or Spring when the weather is not too extreme 😃

  2. I love summer. I finally know that I’m not going to freeze when I go outside. I can ride the Harley and enjoy the wind. The breezes that blow feel good. The kids are running around playing. Camping!!! Song birds singing. Opening the windows and airing out the house. So, many good things. Only down side are the really hot and humid days (90+ temps). I can never wait until summer and then it is over way too soon.

  3. The heat here in South Florida makes summer third on my list of seasons. Winter is my least favorite. Hits the 90+ temps here all the time. Thank heavens for the A/C.

  4. Phuong – I’m with you! Sounds like we feel the same. 🙂
    Terri – I guess if I had a motorcycle, I’d feel differently, but being on Long Island, the hot temps often bring oppressive humidity and everything is sticky and cloyingly hot. 😦
    Lisa – I can’t even IMAGINE FL in summer! Yikes!!! I’ve learned that dry heat – like in Las Vegas – is a lot more bearable than the tropical humidity that we get – and that I assume you get in FL. Wow. Hang in there! 🙂
    – Bianca.

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