Favorite Technology

We all know I’m a tecchie and I live with this stuff daily.  Well, I can’t live WITHOUT it anymore.

In no particular order:

  1. My Nook.  I must have this when I’m on the elliptical machine.  It covers up the time.  As many of you know that when you’re exercising and clock watching, somehow you end up in a time warp.  This helps speed the time.
  2. I have a Microsoft Surface that I got for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like it because I really liked the iPad, but it’s growing on me.
  3. My iPhone.  I live on that thing.  I do personal stuff (Facebook) and check 9 email accounts all throughout the day.
  4. The Satellite (Direct TV).  I cannot go a day without watching my shows.  We have the whole house DVR, so I probably have about 50 hours of TV on there right now.
  5. My breathing machine.  I don’t think this is considered technology, but I can’t breathe without it at night, so it’s very important to me.



Sami’s choices:

  1. My iPod–it has all my songs in one neat little device and the games are really handy for keeping the kidlets busy for 5 or 10 minutes here and there
  2. My laptop–of course. I couldn’t live without it. It’s like an extension of my lap.
  3. My e reader–oh boy. I love e books. Not just because I write them, but because they are fast and convenient and my device is backlit so if hubby turns out his light I can keep reading well beyond sleep time 🙂
  4. My tumble dryer–it rains a lot in Qld, contrary to what the tourist advertisements tell you. We live in the tropical climes so we get a lot of storms in summer and lately a lot of flooding (global warming I reckon). So the last few years I would have gone postal without a tumble dryer.  (from Valerie.   Really?  A dryer??  LOL)
  5. My DVD player–I know I’m totally behind the times. I’ve not yet graduated to downloading movies and I still have a cupboard full of DVD’s. But I love my collection and when I’m down in the dumps I can pop on one of my favorite comfort movies and it puts me in the right frame of mind again.


What’s your favorite piece of technology?  Do you have something you just can’t live without?

One Response to “Favorite Technology”

  1. Definitely my ereaders (especially my Kindle Fire HD) & laptop. I don’t hardly leave my house without my Kindle, I can read, email, FB, check the internet and my favorite blogs, watch Netflix, listen to music, and so much more on it 🙂 If only it cleaned, cooked, & did laundry, LOL.

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