Now For the REALLY Yummy Stuff

Top five sexiest guys around. You knew we were going to get here eventually, didn’t you?

Valerie–give us your list:

  1. Joe Manganiello from True Blood.  Alcide the werewolf.  I FREAKING LOVE HIM!  I stalk him on Twitter alljoemanganiello3 the time.  *swoon* (Sami: Can I have him too? Please?)
  2. Chris Hemsworth from Thor and The Avengers.  You Aussies make some DAMN fine boys.
  3. Chris Evans from Captain American and The Avengers.  I like him all buffed up and not skinny like he was in The Fantastic Four.
  4. Christian Kane.  He was Eliot on Leverage.  And he sings.  Mmmmmm…
  5. Nathan Fillion.  I’ve loved him since he was on One Life To Live. 

And here’s mine: 

  1. Daniel Craig aka blonde James Bond. Blue swim trunks, people. Niiiiice.
  2. Ryan Gosling. He was just so funny in Crazy Stupid Love, and then kind of scary in Drive. He comes across as smart too, which I dig. Big time.
  3. Bradley Cooper. I could just look into his eyes forever. He also comes across as smart too. Are you sensing a pattern here?
  4. Channing Tatum. He doesn’t come across as super intelligent but I could be wrong, right? Anyway, it’s his butt I’m after, not his brain.
  5. Gerard Butler. The gravelly voice, the accent, the stubble, the whole cocky alpha male magnetism he’s got happening. Surely I don’t need to explain any of this further?bob-gerard-butler-2

3 Responses to “Now For the REALLY Yummy Stuff”

  1. I forgot about Gerard! Oh he’s tasty. 🙂

  2. Valerie, met Christian about a year and a half ago. i think I have a pic on my facebook of both of us. FYI, i think I was taller then him! LOL! Very sweet and very nice.. His band was playing at one of our local Country bars. You shold check out his CD. I have liked him ever since he was on Angel.

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