What’s in a Number?

Numbers graphicThe International Heat girls have been talking a bit about numbers lately. Numbers as in sales, as in rankings, as in pounds/kilos, as in minutes spent on the treadmill and as in words typed. When I say we’ve been talking about this ‘lately’ I mean to say we talk about it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. So much so that we’ve decided to challenge each other not to obsess so much about our numbers. Lexxie had the evil idea to initiate a ‘Master of Your Domain’ contest.

(Not a fan of Seinfeld and don’t know what this is? Check out this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Contest, then do yourself a favor and you tube it. So so funny)

So for the IH girls who dared to count themselves in, our challenge is to stop counting. We aren’t allowed to check the rankings of any of our books to see how they’re doing, a bad habit we’ve fallen into. Because let’s face it, numbers don’t mean a thing do they? It’s how we feel inside about what we write that really counts, and sometimes when we see our books not selling as well as some out of the blue book by a first time author with a crap cover and poor editing… well, let’s just say we’re petty enough to be cranky about it. And we don’t want to be cranky anymore, because we love what we do and want to be little balls of freakin’ sunshine, okay?

So the theme for this week on International Heat is numbers. Valerie and I are going to talk about the things in life we love to count as our favorites. Hope you can join us.

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