It’s Friday! Let’s play.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the word: Fuckerdoodle

Sami Lee, Lexxie Couper and Valerie Tibbs are joining in this round!


Jambrea Jo Jones

Fred walked in on an argument with Henry and his mom. He almost turned around, but he heard the woman say something he never thought would come out of her mouth.



“What did I miss?” Fred looked between mother and son.

“Henry was just—ah—putting me in my place? I’m sorry, Fred.”

Fred shook his head because he couldn’t have heard what he did. That woman was never nice to him.

“Don’t look so shocked. A girl can be wrong. Shawn was a friend of the family and I’m sorry I let that get in the way of knowing you. Now, why don’t you boys go do something fun. Get out of my hair for awhile.”

She got up and patted Fred on his shoulder before heading out the door.


Mari Carr

Using Happy Hour Characters

Todd sighed wearily. “Damn, I’m tired. I swear that week felt like it had twelve days. Can’t think straight anymore.”

“I hear that. How many more days until summer?” Jeff asked, trying to suppress a yawn.

“Fifty-seven,” Todd replied, not missing a beat.

Jeff winced.

Jenny rested her head on her hand, relishing the opportunity to unwind at the quiet bar with Todd and Jeff, two of her fellow P.E. teachers one Friday afternoon. “Did you hear that woman at the next table?”

“No. What did she say?” Todd looked over his shoulder to see who Jenny was talking about in a less than subtle way.

“She was telling her friend how she won’t be on the continent next weekend. She sounds British to me. I was just thinking that’s a cool way to say that. I mean we just say we’re leaving the country.”

Jeff took a long swig from his bottle of Budweiser. “Who says continent anyway? I don’t even remember the names of the continents or how many there are.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “There are five continents, fuckerdoodle.”

Todd nodded his head. “Yep. There are five. I bet you two can’t name them.”

Jeff laughed. “You’re only daring us because you can’t. But I know one. Australia. I think that’s a continent. Oh wait. Shit, nope, that’s an island.”

Jenny snorted. “Australia is a continent AND an island. Jeez. Where did you go to elementary school?”

Jeff shot her a dirty look. “Like you’re so freaking smart. You haven’t named any.”

Jenny began ticking them off on her fingers. “There’s North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.” She looked at her hands and laughed. “Oops. There are seven continents.”

Todd looked around the bar, confirming no one had heard their conversation. “Maybe we should just order another round.”


Sami Lee

What did the rooster say to the hen? Let me Fuckerdoodledo you!


Lexxie Couper

He stood before me, arms outstretched, a grin on his face that told me loud and clear he was God’s gift to women. “So? What do you think? Lucky, aren’t you?”

I looked at his package and suppressed a grimace. Damn, a damn toothpick had more wood than this guy. This is what I got for losing a game of strip poker set up by my maniacal best friend. Now I had to spend the night with Mr. Tiny. I was going to kill her.

Nope. You bought this on yourself. You boasted no one could bet you at poker, now you have to face the consequences.

I grimaced again. One of these days I’d learn my lesson.

“Never left a single woman dissatisfied,” Mr. Tiny crowed, giving his hips a wiggled. “Ready for this roaster to rock your world?”

Letting out a ragged sigh at Mr. Tiny’s woeful mix metaphor, I raised my gaze back to his face and forced a smile to my lips. “Cock-a-doodle-do?”

More like fuck-a-doodle-do.

Oh man, I was in for a fun night.


Valerie Tibbs

Writing blog posts is a real fuckerdoodle to my brain. Going to the gym is a big fuckerdoodle.

2 Responses to “It’s Friday! Let’s play.”

  1. *snort* So, does the fun continue tomorrow? Or are we ending this exercise with this wave of hilarity? 😉

  2. lol We have one for tomorrow too!

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