Word of the Day…

Today’s blog is brought to you by the word: Cockamamie

Bianca D’Arc and Rhian Cahill are joining in for the fun today!


Jambrea Jo Jones

He’d had enough of this cockamamie bullshit and it was going to stop now. Henry loved his mother with all of his heart, but she had to stop getting on Fred’s case. Henry was happier than he’d ever been, but if he heard the name Shawn one more time he was going to blow a gasket. The visit was supposed to be short because his mom was going to his sisters, but something had come up at the last minute and she had to stay.

I love my mother, I love my mother. I will not kill her. I love my mother.

Henry hoped Fred didn’t make him sleep on the couch for a month once he found out Henry’s mother was staying for another week.


Mari Carr

“What kind of cockamamie bullshit is this?”

Jessica looked up when her roommate, Russ, walked into her bedroom and tossed a book down on her bed.

She blushed, quickly tucking the book behind several others on a shelf. Russ had been out of town all weekend, returning at the crack of dawn and far earlier than she’d expected him. She’d had far too much wine last night, reading the instruction manual from cover to cover before foolishly leaving it on the coffee table and stumbling to bed to try out the suggestions it offered. “Um. It’s just a joke.”

Russ crossed his arms and studied her face. “A joke? Forgive me, but I’m trying to figure out what’s funny about a beautiful, sexy woman like you reading a book about how to have an orgasm. Is there something you want to tell me, Jess?”

She laughed nervously. Hell would freeze over before she admitted to her handsome roommate that she’d never managed to have an orgasm. It was bad enough she’d wasted twenty bucks on the thing. She’d tried—unsuccessfully—for nearly two hours last night to achieve the elusive climax with her fingers, her vibrator, a bullet and a dildo. Nothing worked.

Jessica glanced around the room quickly, suddenly worried Russ would spot her pile of sex toys. God, could this whole thing be any more humiliating?

“Jess? I’m waiting for an answer.”

“It’s a gag gift.”

“For who?”

Jessica paused, searching for a name. She was a terrible liar and Russ knew it. Her face flamed hotter and her mind went blank. “Uh…”

“Forget it, Jess. I’ll save you from having to lie to me. Take off your clothes. I’m going to give you some thing I’m damn sure that silly book didn’t.”


Bianca D’Arc

Who’s cockamamie idea was it to go on a man hunt in a shifter bar? Probably her friend Bonnie’s idea of a joke, but the joke was on her when a yummy werewolf had asked her to dance and refused to let her go after just one. Suzi wasn’t sure what she was doing here, but the eye candy was definitely drool-worthy as she looked around at the handsome, well-built men. She felt a little like Little Bo Peep who’s sheep just got eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. And he was heading her way. Look out, boys. Little Red Riding Hood was about to catch herself a wolf.


Rhian Cahill

“That has to be the most cockamamie idea you’ve ever come up with.” Billy shook his head. “Do you really think that’s gonna get you the girl? Dude. You need to get some new moves.”

“What? I thought women liked to take care of men.”

“Yeah, but not ones pretending to be injured after chasing down a pretend robber.”

“Look, it’ll work if you just do as I said and make sure it looks real.”

Shit! Brian might be Billy’s best friend in the whole world but even that wasn’t enough to get him to go alone with this plan. “Hell no! Find some other chump to help.”

4 Responses to “Word of the Day…”

  1. Mari – I want more!!!!

  2. Yes, please Mari. MORE!!!

  3. OMG Mari, how can you cut us off right there!?!

  4. Awesome! And yes, Mari, feel free to continue! (BTW, it seems like cockamamie is most often used in conjunction with ideas or bull…. interesting…)

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