Just Because

I have a new print book releasing today! Wanted to take a minute to tell you about it and to share the beautiful cover created by Valerie Tibbs.

Because love is never wrong.

Meet the James men. Bodies of iron, nerves of steel…and hearts of gold.

Because of You
Eight months after her husband’s untimely death, Jessie isn’t ready to meet anyone new, but a gay men’s party should be safe.
Caleb James never expected to fall love at his gay brother’s party. Now he aches with love he can’t give her. What he can give her is help—ready or not.

Because You Love Me
After witnessing a murder, Bridget is tired of living in fear and convinces her guardian cops she’s safer off the grid.
It’s doesn’t take Mark and Matt James long to figure out that the safest place for Bridget is between their hot, hard bodies…

Because It’s True
Jacob James falls for Rodney the moment the NYC cop crash lands into his life. But when Rodney is shot in the line of duty, Jacob finds his affections rebuffed.
Rodney is grateful for the sexy cowboy’s help and friendship, but how can he offer Jacob his love when his future is so uncertain?

Product Warnings
This book contains many different kinds of relationships: love through loss, a cowboy ménage a trois, biracial and homosexual love. Because love is love—no matter what shape, size or color.
Just Because is available at SamhainAmazon, and Barnes and Noble.

One Response to “Just Because”

  1. bought! All three stories sound amazing! smiles…

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