Rhian spoke last week about it being winter is Australia. I’m very, very pleased to note that is NOT the case in the good old US of A. As a public educator…I think it goes without saying that summer is my favorite season.


I’m particularly looking forward to this summer for a couple of reasons. And since a picture tells a thousand words…I thought I’d illustrate this blog.

1. I have a fun summer vacation planned. Here…I’ll give you some hints.




2. I’m really excited about the books I’m hoping to write. All of them are parts of series with characters I already know and can’t wait to spend more time with.

HopeSprings72lgFirst up will be Summer Fling, book three of the Compass Girls series. This time it’s cousin Jade who’s searching for her happy ending. Don’t forget Winter’s Thaw is already out and Hope Springs comes out on August 20.

Under-the-Lights200x300Then I’ll be finishing the third short story in the Scoundrels trilogy, Over the Threshold, and *hopefully* releasing it by July 1. That’s my goal anyway! Stories 1 and 2, Behind the Scenes and Under the Lights are available now. These tales revisit the Scoundrels nightclub from Black Jack and White Knight and feature cameos from the main characters from those books (Jack, Emma, Shea and Travis).

StatusUpdate72webAnd finally, I’m writing Back-Up Plan, the fourth book in the Second Chances series. Full Moon, the second, releases June 11. Then the third, Status Update will come out at the end of October. In Back-Up Plan, lawyer Kristen begins to question her decision to never marry as her 40th birthday creeps up on her.

So…how about y’all? Anybody got any big plans for the summer?


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