It’s all in the details.

What? No new release today? Damn what an amazing week it’s been here. I wanna pout about not being in on all the fun but I don’t have time, not with all the great new books I’ve got to read. 🙂

I do, however, have time to blog. 😉 So let’s talk about details. And by details I mean in books. About the hero and heroine. I’m the type of reader – and author – who prefers to not have a detailed description of the main characters. I like to imagine them myself and I find if the author puts in too much detail I can’t picture the hero or heroine properly. I know, weird right? Another thing I don’t do when writing is use pictures. I might have one picture that inspires a character but I don’t use it during the writing process. For instances I have some pix in a folder that are certain characters but I didn’t find them before I wrote the books. Ass backwards you might say but here’s my heroes from the Coyote Hunger series.

Quinn MacClellan - Coyote Home

Quinn MacClellan – Coyote Home

Don’t you think he looks like he could shift into a coyote at any moment?

Brogan Wilder - Coyote Wild

Brogan Wilder – Coyote Wild

Ahem, what was I gonna say…….

Steve McKenna

Steve McKenna

Damn Doc is one lucky woman. *sigh*

Now this next guy we haven’t met yet. He’s going to make his first ‘real’ on-page appearance in his book later this year. He’s got a lot against him too. Hard to expect a friendly welcome when your brother and father single-handedly tried to wipe out several of the key members of the Whispering Mountains coyote pack. 😦

Brady Connelly - Coyote Lies

Brady Connelly – Coyote Lies

Now what were we talking about…..oh, that’s right. Details. So these four fine looking guys resembled my heroes, well they match what I had in mind when I wrote them anyway. 🙂 So how about it? Do you like LOTS of detail, a LITTLE detail, or NO detail when it comes to hero or heroine descriptions in books? I’ll pick two luck commenters to receive and ebook of the first book in the Coyote Hunger series.

CoyoteHomeApp CoyoteWildApp CoyoteWhispersApp

Rhian Cahill

8 Responses to “It’s all in the details.”

  1. I like some detail. If you used those pics I would want all details.

  2. I like a brief description for general reference (height, hair and eyes, build) but like to fill in the fine details in my imagination. And those pics do stir my imagination in a big way. Don’t enter me for the drawing as I have all the Coyote books already.

  3. Oh those are some NICE coyotes….

  4. I like some detail, but I’m also OK with some being left to my imagination 🙂 I do love looking at those photos though, Rhian–it’s fun to see what/who inspired your story 😉

    No need to include me in the draw–the Coyote series is all kinds of awesome!

  5. I like a little detail. I always want to be able to fill in the specifics with my imagination. I have all your books, so no need to enter me in the contest

  6. I like a little detail. I always want to be able to fill in the specifics with my imagination. I have all your books, so no need to enter me in the contest.

  7. […] Just Because is available at Samhain, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. AND DON’T FORGET RHIAN’S CONTEST FROM SATURDAY’S POST. IT WILL RUN UNTIL THIS […]

  8. A medium amount. Enough to give them personality and a general image in my head but not so much I can’t imagine my own way.

    smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

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