Lazy Days of Summer….

Those of you in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to them. Those of us in the southern parts of the world are mourning them. 😦 And even though our days have been colder it wasn’t until Saturday night that I had to face the very real fact that WINTER IS HERE! 😥

I’m not a fan of the cold. Oh it’s fine as long as it stays outside and I don’t have to leave the house but Saturday night saw me doing just that, even if it was just into my own backyard. 🙄  Mr.C had invited several of our friends over for a pizza night and having your own wood fire pizza oven means delicious homemade pizza that even the cold can’t keep me away from. I rugged up – scarf, gloves, jacket – but when one of the guys suggested perhaps we needed to light the bonfire I was ready to kiss his feet. You see I’d mentioned to Mr.C that we might need the bonfire and he told me it wasn’t that cold yet so no he wouldn’t be dragging it. 😡  Of course I argued but as I’m not strong enough to set the thing up (or willing to play with fire to get it going) I lost and we started the night without it. And the whole time I was wishing I was back here……


It seems like years since I was lying on Waikiki beach. YEARS!!  😥

I’m definitely a summer girl. Give me a warm day, a comfy chair and a good book and I’m all set. 🙂 How about you? Summer or winter?

Rhian Cahill

2 Responses to “Lazy Days of Summer….”

  1. Rae Blair Says:

    Hi Rhian

    it is 11 minutes past nine in the Isle of Man. The sun has just set after a beautiful sunny day. We are very lucky here as for the next month the sun sets late and dusk doesn’t come till well after 11 but our summers (I bet) are not as warm as your winters 🙂

  2. Rae Blair Says:

    PS – without a doubt I am a summer girl. x

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