Why I Love You Guys

I don’t jump on bandwagons, I never have. I was the kid at school wearing a bright pink jacket when it wasn’t part of the uniform (yes that did actually happen) and who sat with a motley group of cool chicks who made the most noise in the playground (hmm, and now I’m at International Heat, so I’m not sure much has changed). I first started writing romance because I loved to read it, and I erroneously thought it might be a cinch to write one. They were fairly short, the storylines were simple boy-meets girl stuff (well they were always boy/girl back when I began reading them). I’d dabbled in creative writing from a young age. Why not give it a shot?

Of course I soon discovered writing romance novels was far from easy and I made several attempts before I began to see myself making any progress at all. It took years before I wrote something publishable, years more before I discovered what I’ve come to recognize as my voice. Sometime along that journey I went from writing traditional sweet romances to erotic ones, some menage including MMF and even dabbling in some mild kink. I found that writing erotic books allowed me to use character types and plotlines I couldn’t use in traditional romance, so it gave me a lot of freedom. I also love reading erotic romance for all the same reasons, and because so many kick-ass authors write it  :).  

All this has been leading up to something: I’ve never written erotic romance for the money. Would I like some more $$? Sure, but the only reason for that is it would enable me to write full time, which is the dream. I do it because I love it, even when I hate it, and I get satisfaction out of the challenge. When I hit a hard place in a book and manage to write through it by sheer virtue of my own stubbornness, when all is said and done I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of every book I’ve ever had published, and even of all the manuscripts that never went anywhere. I’ve never put out anything that I consider smut or trash, as one particular author (who shall remain nameless because I don’t feel like trafficking any more publicity her way) apparently has. I respect myself, and my readers, enough to make every book I write the best it can possibly be—just as I know all the writers on this blog do.

I love erotic romance readers because they are so open minded and awesome. I love them because they are smart enough and discerning enough to know what they want and loyal enough to post great reviews when they do find a gem of a book. And because they buy backlists of authors who do respect them enough to put love in every word they type.


That is all :).

Thanks to you all for having me this week.



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