Guest RT blogger – Mr.C #RT13

Kansas City is my second RT with my wife Rhian Cahill and….OMG….two things have happened for the first time in my life…(1) I saw snow falling, this does not happen in Sydney….but more importantly (2) Ellora’s Cave added a Cave Women Model to there dance team…thank you Patty…:)

As an RT convention husband I have various roles, assistant/runner/ alcohol carrier/IT consultant/lunch organiser/slave (no ladies not that type…I wish) but my primary function is to make sure the Rhian’s promo table is full all the time and her EVERY wish is undertaken with a smile…..

Being this is my first blog ever, I will keep it short partly as I need to go and get the International Heat girls another drink from the bar…..I suppose with a group like this it isn’t such a bad gig but I do need to have a talk about the pay 🙂

Girls give your boys a treat and show them the attached photo…..cheers from Kansas City…..Mr.C


2 Responses to “Guest RT blogger – Mr.C #RT13”

  1. Welcome to the Midwest. In the eighties one day, snow the next. We don’t normally see snow in May.

  2. Maybe if you do a good enough job, she will let you be her slave in other ways 😉
    Have fun !

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