Five Things About Kansas City You May Not Know…

Continuing my exploration of Kansas City before I touch down on Sunday, here’s five things you may not know about my destination.

1/ It is illegal to have oral sex.


Wait? What? WHAT??

2/ No one may catch fish with their bare hands.

sexy Guyfishingwithnothingon-1

Which is why he’s using a rod. See his rod? Are you all looking at his rod?

3/ It is prohibited to use mules to hunt ducks.


Yes, I know this is shirtless Jacob…but this image of shirtless Jacob was offered to me by Google when I searched for “mule and duck” so I figure, Google has never lead me astray before, better include it now.

4/ Riding an animal down any road is against the law.


Unless the rider looks like the above…

5/ Bathtubs with four legs resembling animal paws are prohibited.



Look! It’s Colin Firth. In a bathtub. What? Does the bathtub have animal paws? Who cares? It’s Colin in a bathtub!

2 Responses to “Five Things About Kansas City You May Not Know…”

  1. michelleboone Says:

    Now see I had no clue about any of those laws lol. But I love them pics. The red pants on that cowboy are smokin 🙂

  2. I want Colin in my bathtub!! LOL

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