Touch & Geaux – No Spoilers!

???????????????????????????????????????So–the book doesn’t come out for a few days, but I received my paperback copy yesterday!!!! So…I read it and…OMG! Everyone has to read it. Um… the ending…yeah… I need the next book already, but you learn so much and your like–no  way, did that…she didn’t! But… of course she DID. I love Abigail Roux. She is very talented and she blows me away again and again as she grows even stronger as a writer.

Stars and Stripes is STILL my all time favorite book so far, but…I haven’t read book 8 yet… lol

She takes some unexpected turns for sure and we learn more about the guys backgrounds, things that haven’t been shared before.

So… It. Was. AWESOME. Like I told Abigail on her Facebook wall… I Love her AND Hate her, but mostly love. lol

Ty’s team comes back in this one and we get a glimpse at Becky too. Ty and Zane are still my all time favorite couple as well. I hate what they have to go through and cried. Yes, I cried. But…man… is Abigail and awesome storyteller.

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