We interupt this show for… REAL LIFE!

Many of you hear me talk about my fur-babies and those of you on my Facebook page get to view them a couple times a day 😉 Well today is a visit to the vet day. Kit-Kat my first fur-baby has to go in for shots and a bath… This should be a normal routine you say but… As much as I love my baby he won’t fit in a carrier anymore so he has to be carried and at last weigh in he weighed 26 lbs. He was an only fur-baby for the first 6 years of his life and he got a little lazy because he slept most of the day away…






So if I’m you don’t see me anymore this week send out a search party because the cute fur-babies you see above have been murdered me and they’ve hidden the body.

One Response to “We interupt this show for… REAL LIFE!”

  1. The orange one in the last picture looks like mine. Except he’s about 3/4 of the size of the first one…or maybe about the size of the larger of the second one…well, he’s grown over the years. He’s a big baby too. 🙂

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