Time out!

Why can’t we call ‘time out’ on life? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to do exactly that. I recently lost two months of my life to illness and while I realize the world doesn’t revolve around me and had to continue turning it’s a gawddamn pain in the ass trying to catch up on what I missed. And while I’m trying to catch up I’m missing more or only half involved with what’s happening. *sigh*

The upshot of the whole thing means I’ve got nothing to blog about. My brain just can’t come up with anything to say. Hell, I can’t find words to add to my wip never mind words for a blog. So I figured I’d cheat today. Have a ‘time out’ of my own kind. 🙂 Here’s a couple of paragraphs from my latest wip.

*disclaimer – unedited, completely rough draft*


Luc followed Cassie as she made her way through every room of the house. He was surprised at her thoroughness. Then again, after only a few hours he shouldn’t have been. She’d never do a half-arsed job on anything. Speaking of arses, the one in front of him was world class. She wasn’t one of those super-skinny chicks and she wasn’t what would be called full-figured either. Sleekly muscled, the firm globes of her arse see-sawed up and down as she walked. Each step drew his gaze and made his pulse pound until every inch of him throbbed with need. Her curves were just the right size to fit in his hands. The urge to feel her arse pressed up against his groin shuddered through him and without thought Luc stepped forward and crowded her into the small bathroom she was checking.


“Shh.” He pressed her against the vanity but their height difference meant that perfect arse met his thighs. His rapidly hardening cock nudged her lower back and Luc ground his pelvis into her.

“Lucas.” His name slipped passed her lips on a sharp breath.

Cassie’s protest was weak. Especially when he could feel her push back against him, felt her wiggle her rear end as though trying to get closer. His gaze landed on the mirror in front of them and he focused on their reflection. Luc studied them. He towered above her, his body curled over hers and he watched her face as he lowered his head and brushed his lips over the shell of her ear. Her eyes closed and her tongue darted out. The pink tip slicked across her bottom lip and left an enticing trail of moisture. A groan rumbled in his chest as the memory of kissing her swamped him. In a split second he grabbed her hips, spun her around and lifted her to the counter top.

He didn’t give her a chance to protest. Not that she did when his mouth landed on hers. Luc forgot finesse, forgot gentle. With a savage thrust, he drove his tongue between her lips and took what he wanted. She gave all she had. Her mouth ate at his with equal demand and Luc could only think it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. They had to get naked. Now.

Tearing his mouth from hers he struggled to pull oxygen into his starving lungs. “I want you,” he panted.

“Yes.” Her fingers tangled in his hair and tugged his mouth back to hers.

Luc let Cass take control of the kiss. Let her take her fill while he worked out the best way to have her naked beneath him. A noise overhead startled him and the fog of lust clogging his mind cleared long enough that he remembered where they were. Whose house they were in. Shit. He pulled away and stepped back. Cass tipped forward and he reached out to steady her.

“What?” Confusion swirled in her dilated eyes.

“Not here.” Luc gripped her waist and lowered her to the floor.

He saw the second comprehension dawned. Her face flushed red and her gaze dropped from his, her shoulders hunching forward.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

If he wasn’t watching her so closely he wouldn’t have seen her mouth move, wouldn’t have caught the edge of embarrassment in her words. With the tip of his index finger he pushed her chin up and waited for her eyes to meet his.

“Don’t.” Luc moved his hand to cradle her jaw. “You weren’t the only one lost in here.”


He placed his thumb over her lips. “No buts. And don’t for one second think I was any less involved in this. I want you, Cass, more than I should I’m sure, but when I have you it won’t be in the bathroom of the man who signs my checks.”

“Jesus. I can’t believe I forgot where we are.” She smiled. “Thank you for not leaving me out on a limb on my own. I appreciate your honesty.”

Luc cupped her face in his hands and leaned forward until his lips brushed hers. “One thing you can count on from me is honesty. I’ll never lie to you. Now, let’s finish your walk-though and get out of here. I want to get you naked and I’d like to do it sooner rather than later.”

Cass took a deep breath. “Um…maybe you should wait for me outside.”

He chuckled. “I think I can keep my hands off you long enough to make it through the last couple of rooms but if think you can’t…”

She grinned at him before she ducked under his arm and darting out of the bathroom. “Meet you by the front door,” she called over her shoulder as she disappeared into the library across the hall.


So what do you think? Are Cassie and Luc going finish what they started?


Rhian Cahill



2 Responses to “Time out!”

  1. Of course they will finish what they started.

  2. I like your kind of “time out” since I got to see a preview of Luc and Cassie’s story 🙂

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