Bianca’s Back Online

Wolf HillsSorry guys, I had a computer issue this week and finally got fully back up and running yesterday. But I’m back and I have lots of news to share! 🙂

First, I showed off the cover for Tales of the Were: Slade in my last post and I actually have a little more news about that series…

1st) Within the next few days, or so, Tales of the Were: Rocky should become available in print form! I’ll post the links on my blog, facebook, my website, etc…

2nd) I’m aiming to release Slade on/about March 18th. Again, I’ll post the links all over the place as soon as they go live.

SladePromo-400x4003rd) Slade will be available as a print book in early April!

I’ve added a little graphic to this post that you can swipe and share if you feel like it. Slade’s love story isn’t a permanent menage, but somehow a bit of menage action crept into it while I was writing it. After all, cats can be very frisky! 😉

And in related news, for those of you who are interested in print books, Brotherhood of Blood: Wolf Hills came out in print on Tuesday. This is the first book I’ve ever had nominated for an RT Book Award. We’ll find out in May at the big RT conference if it won, but I have to admit, I was THRILLED to have it nominated!!! It’s such a huge mark of recognition and it means a lot to me.

RockyThe sequel to this book, which is titled Broterhood of Blood: Wolf Quest is awaiting edits and is scheduled for release in December. I finished writing that book last August, but for whatever reason, Samhain Publishing has decided to hold onto it for a bit. I’m not thrilled with the delay, but I really don’t see any alternative at the moment. So I guess we all just have to wait. 😉

Meanwhile, I’ll be expanding the Tales of the Were more throughout the year. I’m getting Slade out before conference season heats up, but I hope to release books for a few of the Redstone Cougar Clan this summer. Lots happening here, so stay tuned! 🙂

And, as always, you can find the latest information on my website at WWW.BIANCADARC.COM.

– Bianca

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