Contest and a Free Read

Wow feels like forever since I’ve been here and my week sort of sneaked up on me, thank goodness we’re doing doubles and B took over yesterday for me or I might have got the evil eye from Mari 😉 lol

So anyway I still don’t have much to say so since I know how much everyone loves to win a contest and read a free book thought I’d share with you that one of my favorite authors and friend Amanda Young is not only having a contest to celebrate the 6th anniversary of her first release… Now I know you are asking yourself what the book is but since that is the question to the answer her contest I am afraid I have to refrain from telling you what it is.

But if you head over to her Blog you can read how to enter her contest and get you self in there for a chance to win a free autographed winners choice copy of one of her paperbacks. Good Luck to everyone!!

Amanda is also giving away a free read to celebrate ‘Read An Ebook Week’ Inestimable Blessings one of my personal favorites! You can order through Smashwords by clicking on the book cover below and use the code RW100



Or you can copy and pasting the link below:

Have a great day everyone and good luck!

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