Aussie Men Being Men

One thing that is both good and bad about Australian men, is that they don’t talk out their feelings in any kind of sensible way. They tend to resolve differences with some kind of physical altercation, after which they will laugh and buy each other a beer. Seriously.

 In this following excerpt, Griff and Corey, my heroes from Erica’s Choice, don’t see eye to eye over a woman. This one wasn’t solved over a beer, but a mutually satisfying shower encounter :).

And there’s also the bonus of an inside look at a rough and tumble game of Rugby League, one of the most brutish sports around.

Here goes:

 “Here he is now. You’re late.”

Steve’s greeting made Corey whip his head around. Sure enough there was Griff, dumping his duffel by the sideline and giving the team an unapologetic shrug. “Stuff to do, Waller. It’s called a life.”

“Funny. For that, you can take my spot for a while. Wachawski’s broken my spine.”

Corey took little notice of the mock-filthy look Steve sent him as he pretended to limp off the field. He had eyes only for the man’s replacement. He tracked every step Griff took as he moved into the vacated position. Griff didn’t look him in the eye once.


Corey continued to stare at Griff, until he finally looked up. What he saw in his golden eyes knocked the wind out of him.

Not regret, but defiance. The bastard. All that talk about standing aside so he could have Erica, about how the three of them could never work. He hadn’t meant any of it. He’d been waiting for his moment to waltz in behind Corey’s back and steal her.

His blood pumped with impatience as the game got going again. Corey took a pass and ran straight for his mark, not bothering to sidestep or feint, even when Curly called for the ball. He ran straight for Griff, who came equally hard toward him.

At the last minute, Griff ducked, grabbing Corey around the waist instead of meeting him chest to chest. The surprise caught Corey off-guard and he was propelled backward. He fell onto the earth like a sack of cement, Griff landing with an oomph on top of him.

Grinding his teeth, Corey pushed at Griff’s body weight until the other man stood. Griff offered his hand to Corey, but Corey ignored it, standing on his own with a glower. He bent to play the ball through his legs. When he straightened, he was still glaring.

Griff faced the look levelly and came to a simple conclusion. “She told you then.”

The cavalier words made Corey so mad his blood burned like acid. “Told me what?” he spat. “That you fucked her or that you told her to dump me?”

He thought he saw Griff wince but he couldn’t be sure. His vision was a little blurred from that body-shaking tackle. Griff turned his attention back to the game, and Corey barely resisted the urge to push the other man into the dirt.

The game proceeded. Penalties were awarded, scrums conducted. Griff’s team scored two tries, Corey’s three. All the while Corey grabbed every opportunity to slam his opponent into the ground. Most of the time it could be chalked up to legitimate score-line defense.

Sometimes not.

“I thought you wanted to share her with me,” Griff drawled after one such incident had them both sprawled flat out on the field.

Rage gave Corey the energy to stand again. “Not like this,” he hissed.

“So only on your terms. Anyone else have a say in how this plays out?” Griff pondered, standing too. “Obviously not me. What about Erica?”

“Fuck you.”

Mitch, who acted as referee on account of a recent knee injury, blew his whistle. “You guys need to sit out for a while?”EC Cover 200x300

“No,” Corey denied immediately.

He wasn’t done hurting Griff yet.

 Have you read Erica’s Choice yet? If you did and liked it, I’d love for you to head on over to Mary’s Naughy Whispers and vote for the book in the Menage Fan’s Choices awards. It’s been nominated for best contemporary and best bisexual menage, and also best cover.Voting closes in the next 24 hours.



4 Responses to “Aussie Men Being Men”

  1. Looks like a hot and interesting story, Aussies have nice butts, I hope Griff and Coey do.

  2. I did not know Aussies were known for their nice butts :). But in my mind Griff and Corey had very good ones!

  3. georgie538 Says:

    Love this scene and plenty of others in Erica’s Choice. I voted too.

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