Oi! Oi! Oi!

It’s Lexxie’s and my turn to hijack the blog this week, and we’re going to talk about something dear to our hearts:

Aussie men.

You might have guessed that Lex and I both love our Aussie heroes. One of the best things about e publishing is the freedom it allows me to write my Aussie blokes, the way I see them. Years ago when I first began reading romance—long before the e reading revolution when I could only get those little Harlequins from the library or my local K-Mart—there were very few Australian men in romance novels. The ones that existed were the uber rich type who lived in a posh part of Sydney, travelled a lot and spoke like Brittish aristocrats. In the end these guys came off looking very cosmopolitan, and very unreal to me. The men I actually knew were nothing like that. They were big and loud and uncouth, sometimes volatile and often inappropriate. They were also protective and strong, hard working optimists, decent salt-of-the earth individuals who laughed loudly and made others do the same. My dad, my grandfather, my uncles, my brothers… they didn’t live in Sydney or drive porches or say things like ‘blast it!’ when they were angry (what they did say I won’t type for fear of offending your delicate reading eyes 🙂 ).

So when it came time for me to write my own romance novels, my heroes tended to come out very unlike other Australian romance novel heroes of the time. I struggled for years to try and fit my men into the appropriate molds, all to no avail. They always said something caustic at the wrong time, they never had as much money as they were supposed to have, they weren’t domineering bastards and they certainly weren’t smooth. They were decent, regular guys who stuffed up a lot. It was a long time before I found a publisher who wanted my Aussie heroes. And now that I’m in a position where I can write my blokes the way I really see them and still sell those books, I’m glad I didn’t buckle and write what I was ‘supposed’ to.

So this week is going to be a celebration of the Aussie romance novel hero. Buckle up folks!


Can I, Lexxie, just add this…

Aussie Aussie Aussie.




One Response to “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

  1. That is my favorite part of that mo0vie…I just had to replay the dunking scene a few times.

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