Floating my boat for ARRC – promo-wise

I’m picking up the thread from RC’s previous post and continuing the discussion about promo material.

Oh, yeah. We are heading straight into conference season.

In less than two weeks the Aussie contingent of IH head off to the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane. Following that, we have RT at the end of April. So I can tell you we are all crazy busy determining what kind of promo items to order. I kinda wish we’d posted these blogs a couple of weeks ago, because I just placed my final order for goodies last week. And very little of what you all mentioned in comments in the previous post made it onto my list.


However, I did order some really cool items for RT. (Some really naughty items too.) But all that gets sent straight to the States, so I can’t use it in Australia. Fortunately, I have a ridiculous amount of postcards from previous conferences that I can still use, some cool little Jess Dee pens and a couple of other odds and ends that hopefully will be well received.

Valerie Tibbs designed a stunning postcard for me for my “Coming Soon” series More Than.

What do you think?

More Than Postcard

I raced over to VistaPrint to order 100 of these puppies, and spent quite some time working out what to write on the back. When I finally had it down pat, I sent through my order, and waited excitedly for them to be printed and posted. Within a week I had the postcards on my desk. I opened the box, and man, they looked stunning. Valerie’s image worked a treat. But…problems arose when I flipped the cards over. The back was exactly what I’d ordered…only it had been printed upside down!

I’ve got to hand it to VistaPrint, they corrected the problem immediately. Within 24 hours they’d ordered a whole new batch for me, this time right side up. Now I’m just hoping they get here in time for ARRC.

If you’re in Australia, hopefully we’ll be seeing you at ARRC. It would be my pleasure to hand over these promo items in person. If not, well hopefully I’ll see you at RT. (And if you check back here in two days time, you’ll see just what I’ve ordered for our upcoming conference in Kansas City.)


4 Responses to “Floating my boat for ARRC – promo-wise”

  1. I’m glad you liked them! And that it got sorted out at Vista. Can’t wait to see you in TEN weeks! πŸ™‚

  2. I like pens too, Jess and I can’t wait to see your naughty promo items at RT *winks* Beautiful postcard of More series 😊

  3. Shoot never thought of any naughty promo.

  4. stacia Smith Says:

    I loved my Koko Brown air freshener!!

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