What floats your boat?

I’m not asking what type of guy gets your juices flowing, although we could talk about if you want. 😉
What I really want to know is what type of PROMO gets you excited? You see it’s conference season and I’m gearing up to order promo and I haven’t a clue what to get. Every year I see new things other authors have and I wonder how the readers feel about all the different things offered to them by their favourite authors.
There’s the usual suspects – pens, bookmarks, magnets, postcards, trading cards etc. But I want to know what are the things you take home and keep. And even better, what are the promo items that you’ve picked up that you USE!
Come on. Help an author out. Tell me what you’d like to see on an author’s swag table.

13 Responses to “What floats your boat?”

  1. Well I have been to RT twice now and the one thing that I use and keep with me all the time is my metal nail kit from Decadent publishing. It’s got nail clippers, a file, nail scissors, and something else in it. lol I’m sure they were expensive but I’ve had them in my purse for going on 3 years now and I use them all the time. The little antibacterial gels are nice too but of course eventually run out. Honestly for me I think the nail kit is the best thing I’ve gotten. 🙂


  2. One of my favorite things that I’ve kept and used for years is my light keychain from an author. I also loved a slap bracelet from Cooper McKenzie for her Club Esoteria series, It’s red with the logo and I wear it. 🙂

  3. I got a wonderful file that I keep in my purse. It is wonderful. I also keep a compact in there. Best promos ever!

  4. I like the magnets I got from Melissa Schroeder they are heavy duty and have her book covers on them. I also like t-shirts and the reusable shopping bags or tote bags. I use a lot of pens though. I like temp Tattoos and I use notebooks all the time. I also own some earrings and book marks/thongs that authors have made.

  5. Oh, one year an author had flower seeds that were in a heart shaped recycled paper that you just had to put in the ground. She did it in honor of her mother that had recently passed.

  6. Oh yeah I totally forgot about my little mirrors. I have them scattered all over including my desk at work so I always have a mirror handy if I need one. I also use the notebooks but not the tiny ones the 5×7 or close to that are my favs 🙂


  7. I like the tote bags or the note pads 🙂

  8. Lisa Guertin Says:

    I like the trading cards and magnets along with cover postcards. Although the more unusual objects stand out.

  9. bookmarks, pens and cover postcards are the things I’ve held onto most

  10. Pens are my thing but I tend to collect them anyway. Magnets too. I like the nail kit idea as well.

  11. I think some rulers, with a little sharp snap to them, might be nice for BDSM authors and why not some hot pads with your logo, to help handle the hot stuff. Hahaha. Yes, I do have an odd sense of humor, but I bet they would be memorable and useful items.


  12. stacia Smith Says:

    The best thing that an author had that I kept and used was a hanging airfreshener that you use in your car. It had a very pleasing light sent. Loved it and wish I had gotten more than 1.

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