A Week of Releases…and a CHALLENGE!

The International Heat ladies have been busy. This week there’s THREE releases. THREE!

Here’s a little peak at what’s coming your way…

29th Muscle for Hire

29th Dragon Storm

30th Misplaced Lessons

Now I’m not going to share any excerpts from the above in this post. What I am going to do is ask you to suggest a word and Mari, Bianca or myself will see if that word is in one of our releases and post its paragraph in our reply. Just a little bit of silly fun for today.

Who wants to throw out the first word? 🙂

88 Responses to “A Week of Releases…and a CHALLENGE!”

  1. Lol I’ll play along, how about “moist” is that word in anyone of your new releases?

    • Timitra, I accept that challenge. Ready? This is from Muscle for Hire 🙂

      She let out a raspy, “yes”, her head rolling on the brick wall, her lips parted and moist with his saliva. “Suck it,” she whispered. “Suck it.”

    • I got one! This is from Dragon Storm:

      “The moist air clung to her skin, making her want to fan herself, but she dared not. She was sure she’d be the center of all their jokes for the next hour if she let on how the place was affecting her so easily. Better to play coy a little longer.”

  2. yay!!! Fun game. I’m off to look for moist in Misplaced Lessons. 🙂

  3. I’m cheating…just a little. Found a variation of moist in Misplaced Lessons. 🙂

    His fingers found her clit, rubbing with enough pressure to rouse a flame from what she thought were dying embers. She groaned, fresh moisture easing his path as he pushed deep.

    • Here’s one for “wall” from Muscle for Hire, Alex. 🙂

      Their lips came together, hard and savage and brutal. The kiss was wild. He crushed her to his body and fucked her mouth with his tongue, her moans of rapture heating his lust. She clung to him, her fingernails scraping at the back of his neck as he drove her backward to the brick wall behind her.

    • I’ve got a good one for “wall” from Dragon Storm:

      “She felt him tremble a moment before he bent and lifted her by the arms, twirling and pushing her up against the wall. She kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her pants even before he got to it. She wanted him inside her. Now.”

  4. I’ll jump in…how about the word ‘held’

    • I can do “held” Ashley 🙂

      “So tell me, super soldier—” Rowan’s stare held his, a shadow deep in her eyes Aslin longed to understand, “—what exactly are you hoping to achieve working on Dead Even with my brother?”

  5. How about “sweaty”?

    • Ooooh, I’ve got one for “sweaty”! From Muscle for HIre…

      Scared? Oh God, scared couldn’t be further from the truth. And yet that’s exactly how her body was reacting. Her heart raced, her palms were sweaty, the hair on her nape was on end and her mouth was dry. If it wasn’t for the fact her damn pussy was contracting and constricting and fluttering like mad she’d say scared was exactly how she felt.

  6. Sadly my walls were boring in Misplaced Lessons. No sex up against the wall (sigh, I’m losing my touch), BUT I hope to redeem myself with “Held”

    They stopped in front of a room and Tom held up a keycard, like those used in hotels. For a sex club, Velvet Chains was certainly more upscale and classy than she’d expected.

  7. WHAT??? Not one sweaty? Sigh…I think I’m going to have to turn in my erotic romance writers card. LOL

  8. how about the word frustrated

    • I’ve got a frustrated (a lot of my characters feel that way for a while in my books it seems :D). This is from Muscle for Hire…

      And so he continued his tender worship of her nipple, her frustrated cries for more feeding the fire in his groin.

  9. Sara Gallagher Says:

    How about the word “TWO”

    • Got a naughty one for this. Ready?

      He slid his mouth to her other breast, cupping its weight with a gentle hand as he licked at her nipple. One swipe of his tongue. Two. Three.

    • Dragon Storm is a menage, so there were a lot of choices for “two”, but I’ll go with this one:

      “She felt cherished. Pampered and spoiled by two of the most delectable men she had ever known—or would ever know. After these two, she knew she would be spoiled for anyone else.”

      • Sara Gallagher Says:

        I saw the two guys pictured in the background of the cover and knew that this will be one that I will like 🙂

  10. With as much sex as y’all put in your books, I bet you can find his easy enough. Climax

    • Hehe. Yep. Climax was easy. Hell, I had a lot to choose from. How’s this?
      Tremors racked her frame, shaking her bones so strongly she feared she’d break. Had she ever had an orgasm before now? There was no way she could compare those lukewarm imposters to this climax.

    • Love that word, Nancy 😉

      The feverish, heady thought roared through his head. His release erupted from him, detonating in the deepest part of his groin before radiating out to his balls, the base of his spine, his anus. It shot up his spine like a current of white-hot fire. It sank into the pit of his gut. He sucked in breath after breath through clenched teeth, watching Rowan witness his climax, wanting her to see exactly what she did to him.

      (That’s from Muscle for Hire :D)

  11. Oh…and we should say…since Lexxie has TWO releases this week, I said I’d search Misplaced Lessons, so her examples are from Muscle for Hire. 🙂

  12. Oh! I just saw this! I was at a baby shower all day and just got home… give me a bit to catch up! 🙂 Fun idea, Lexxie!!! 🙂

  13. This should be an easy on.Hoe about “cock” 😀

    • Ok that should be How not Hoe.lol

      • Oh yeah!! I’m getting a piece of this action. LOL
        Her eyelids drifted open just as the head of his cock nudged against her pussy, seeking entrance. She thought she was too done in to do much more than simply go along for the ride. But she was mistaken. Andrew wasn’t content to let her be the passive observer as he found his pleasure in her body. He’d yet to allow her to be a wallflower at his party.

    • Ohhh man, so many to choose from. How’s this one?

      She placed a large basket of thin, hot chips between them, followed by a red plastic bottle. A disconnected part of Aslin’s unsettled mind told him it was tomato sauce, not ketchup the waitress was giving them, another part thanking bloody Christ she’d arrived when she had. His cock was threatening to burst free of his fly. He needed the distraction from his overwhelming response to Rowan.

  14. I am going to go out on a limb and say that there has to be passages with the word ‘deep’.

    • Safe bet! LOL. This one makes me blush a little. 🙂

      “God. Fuck me harder, Andrew. Deeper.”

    • hahaha – from Dragon Storm:

      “She smiled at him as she straddled his thighs, taking him as deep as she possibly could, holding his gaze as she claimed him—body and soul.”

    • Soooo many deeps (does this mean I’m not as superficial as I always feared? *grin*)

      She leant her shoulders back into the door, every nerve-ending sizzling with scalding, mounting need as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. Another climax built within her walls, a radiating tension that shot up her spine and deep into her core. “Oh, yes, yes,” she moaned, rolling her head side to side. “Yes.”

  15. Since elaine8 took the word I wanted, I’d going with “hard””.

    • Well, this part refers to when the two dragon shapeshifters first see their mate, who is a snowcat shapeshifter…

      Darius and Connor flew carefully at first, following the collection of cougars and their brightly shining mate as they prowled through the trees.

      “She’s not very good at blending in, is she? Why does she glow like that?” Darius asked his brother in the privacy of their minds.

      “Magic, I presume. Chances are, with a name like snowcat, her people are bred for colder climes. I bet she’d blend right in on a field of snow and ice. Those big paws would do well on such terrain.”

    • One only in Muscle for Hire. 🙂

      She quickened her limping gait, her stomach churning with sickening horror at the bright red stain beginning to bloom over his right side.

    • I found another form of bright. 🙂

      Andrew told her everything she needed to know with his kiss. He gripped her cheeks between his hands, placed his lips on hers and the world brightened with crystal-clear focus.

  16. How about lick or licked?

    • Here we go. From Muscle for Hire (lots of licks in Muscle :D)

      The word bodyguard sent a hot lick of something delicious through Rowan’s agitation. She threw the silent Aslin a quick look over her shoulder, her pulse pounding faster at the sight of his towering strength and undeniable presence.

  17. Okay, it would be wrong for me to say I’ve read two of these already, and have the third ready to read for the review site, right? And that I have subbed the review for one of these already?

  18. May I be a lil blunt and say cock 😉 ?

    Cant wait for all the books yummy ….

  19. How about pleasure? This is fun!

    • She’d never realized pain, when paired with pleasure, could be such a heady aphrodisiac. She wanted more.

    • I can do pleasure. Hee hee hee…

      Aslin’s head swam at the thought. Would they finally surrender to the overwhelming sexual chemistry between them? His dick throbbed, stiff with anticipation. That the thrumming of his bike’s powerful engine radiated through his balls only sweetened the pleasure in his groin.

    • Here’s one from Dragon Storm:

      “Darius drew back to be sure he hadn’t hurt her, but he could see it was pleasure that had caused her reaction, not pain.”

  20. Shari David Says:

    How about lust?

    • Love lust 🙂 From Muscle for Hire

      He studied Rowan, his heart pounding, his body on fire. Fuck, he’d never felt so charged. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say his veins flowed with concentrated adrenaline. And lust.

    • She dragged her nails along his back. Two could play the pleasure-pain game. He hissed sharply, but his gaze told a different tale as it narrowed with hunger, his lust bared before her.

  21. I got another one.How about “thigh” 🙂

    • She cried out, throwing her head back, wrapping her right leg around his thigh. He dragged his lips down the column of her throat, biting, sucking as he went.


    • How about this?:

      “He wore leather pants, boots and a sexy vest that tied up the middle over impressive pecs. His muscles bulged as he moved, the black leather hugging sinewy thighs and tight abs as if he’d been poured into it.”

    • My thigh was is silly/dirty. LOL

      He shifted, sitting as he tugged on her hand, dragging her closer until she was straddling his thighs. His erect cock rested tightly against the seam of her pussy.
      Helllloooo, Mr. Wiggly.

  22. How about “balls”. I’m loving this!

  23. How about arousal?

  24. Donna Coe-Velleman Says:

    How about lusted or was that said already?

  25. How about clit?

  26. let’s try “spread” 🙂

    • Oooh, I like this one. Forgot I’d even written this line…

      Pressing her chest and belly to Aslin’s broad back, nudging his butt cheeks with her spread pussy, hugging his hips with her inner thighs…all insane.

  27. Cherie Clark Says:


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