Jess’s Take on Heroes

Time to find out what makes Jess Dee’s heroes tick.

1) Describe your ideal hero’s physical appearance.

My ideal hero is blond. Always. blond haired and blue eyed. And he’s tall with broad shoulders. Beautiful broad shoulders, with a matching chest. He’s lean and firm, well muscled, and being hugged by him makes my heroines feel as if they are safe. (Okay, and maybe a little turned on too.)

 2) List five traits your fictionary hero must posses

A sense of humor.


Confidence (but not arrogance…unless the arrogance is hiding a weakness he doesn’t want his heroine to see.)

A strong sense of right and wrong

An innate kindess.

 3) What do you hate in a hero?


Rude arrogance

Lack of confidence

Lack of insight 

Eric Northman 4) Your all time favorite hero in a romance written by someone else

Drustan McKeltar (Karen Marie Moning’s twin ) Highlander

And I confess to having a mad crush on Eric Northman, the Vampire. (Please note his blond hair and blue eyes.)

5) Your all time favorite hero in a romance written by you. (And can you please include an excerpt, typifying your hero.)

Okay, really? You want me to choose one?

Sorry. Can’t do it. I love all my heroes. Especially the blondies.

Daniel Tanner from Photo Opportunity. 

Connor Regan from A Question Of Trust. 

Jamie Speed/Nathan Pace from See You In My Dreams. 

Luke Struthers from Colors Of Love. (Although he’s not blonde. But he’s damaged and he’s sexy and he loves Seth sooo much.)

An Excerpt from A Question Of Trust, showing just how irresistible his best friend’s girlfriend finds him

Connor pulled up outside Gabe’s building. He turned to her, took her hand in his, and noticed with satisfaction that she did not draw away. “Here’s a new puzzle for you, Maddie. One only you can solve.” Her skin was warm and just a little damp. Nerves? “A man sits down to dinner. He meets a woman who makes his world shift slightly off its axis, who makes him hard as a rock and horny as hell. But the woman has a boyfriend—the man’s best friend. Tell me, Maddie, what happens next?”

Maddie stared at him, her face wild. Her chest rose and fell in uneven ripples, like her choppy breath.

“Ponder that one, sweetheart,” he said and swung open his door.

Maddie sat where she was, looking dumbstruck.

He circled the car and opened her door, waiting chivalrously as she climbed out. They walked up the stairs to Gabe’s apartment in silence, but Connor could sense Maddie’s tension, could hear her knuckles crackling as she clenched and unclenched her fist.

He let them into the flat.

“I know the answer to that one,” Maddie said as Connor put his keys down.

Connor’s heart rate slowed.

Maddie ran her tongue over her lower lip. “The…the woman goes to bed.” She nodded, as though to emphasize her answer. “With the man’s best friend. Just like she did last night and the night before that.” She gave him a tight smile. “Goodnight, Connor, and thank you for the lift.”

Maddie turned towards Gabe’s bedroom.

Before Connor had time to register the crushing disappointment wrought by her departure, she swung back round and their eyes locked. Gone was the contained woman who’d answered with such certainty. In her place stood a vixen with fire in her eyes and lust in her gaze.

His heart slammed into his ribs.

“Fuck you, Connor.” Her whisper was harsh. She took three paces forward and poked her finger into his chest. “Fuck you for putting me in this untenable situation.” Without giving him a chance to defend himself, she raised her head in defiance, swore again and pressed her lips to his.

It was over too soon. She’d messed with his brain and sent a hurricane hurtling through his stomach and it was over. He hadn’t even had a chance to appreciate her actions before she pulled away.

No!” She couldn’t leave. Not now, not like this.


An excerpt from Colors Of Love, showing Luke desperately trying to push Seth away, when all he really wants to do isColorsOfLove72web pull him closer:

There was no way he could think intelligently with Seth’s mouth on his, and right about now Luke needed to do some intelligent thinking.

“Don’t do this,” he warned. Or maybe begged.

Seth didn’t open his eyes. He just rubbed his chin up against Luke’s hand as though Luke had stroked his face, not broken a sultry kiss. “I have to do this, Lucas. You’re my now, forever and always. No matter how much you fight it. You always have been, and you always will be. Besides—” he ground his cock against Luke’s, “—you want this. As much as I do.”

Luke clenched his teeth. Seth was the only goddamned person alive who called him Lucas. “Wanting something and doing it are not the same.” If it were, he’d never let Seth out of his bed.

“They can be.” Seth looked at him. Lust had turned those baby blues a whole shade darker. They burned with a desire as fierce as Luke had ever seen. Seth rocked his hips, the natural rhythm of his movement tearing a hole through Luke’s gut. Seth could move, and when he did, it left Luke feeling like he had two left feet and a cock the size of a cannon.

“Listen, kid—”

Seth shook his head. “I’m not a kid anymore. You’ve known that for a long time now.”

Yeah, he had. Five years and counting. Every day. Even so, emphasizing their age difference helped Luke keep his relationship with Seth in perspective.

Luke shook his head, desperately trying to put obstacles between them, to get Seth to look at him differently. “I’m not your always, Seth. I never have been. You know that.”

Seth nodded. “I know you believe that. But you and I are right for each other. Perfect. And in time you’ll come to see as much.”

“You deserve better than I can give you. You deserve the best, someone who can give you everything.”

“You are the best.” Seth stroked Luke’s nipples, let the other man’s groan reverberate around the room. “No one else alive makes me burn like you do.”

“Not true,” Luke negated, seeking desperately to put anything between them. 

Well, now I can’t choose either.



2 Responses to “Jess’s Take on Heroes”

  1. Ah yes I love Drustan, especially when he steals the cinnamon in the little shaker for his da. His and Daegis’s stories are my favs. One of my favorite’s of yours is Alex from Raising the Stakes. I love it when he confronts Des at the end.

  2. Ah, Z, the little house that could. I love that scene. (No ifs or butts about it.)


    And I love, love, love those McKeltar twins.

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