Meet Sami Lee

Welcome to Jess and Sami’s week at International Heat.

I’m super excited to be sharing the week with Sami, because she has come up with all these brilliant ideas about what to do to make our posts more exciting, and I just sit back and do as I’m told. (Yeah, she’s very bossy that way.)

I’m also super excited because Sami is our newest member here at IH, and I get the pleasure of interviewing her so that you can get to know her a little better.

If you haven’t read Sami’s work, here’s how I’d describe it. She writes super hot, erotic, contemporary romance. And damn, she’s good at it. I always say Sami and I have very similar styles, only I wish I could write half as brilliantly as she does. She just has a way with words that makes you want to keep turning the pages.

I posed the following questions to her so you could get to know about her and her writing habits a little better:

1) Tell us about the very first story you ever wrote. What happened to it?

I’ve been writing stories since kindergarten, but the first longer work I finished was one about all my friends at high school. I was about 15 and I gave all my friends fabulous boyfriends and gave the girls we didn’t like bad haircuts and other misfortunes. I’d hand write it page by page and hand it along to friends who would read it under their desks in class. I threw it out, but now I really wish I hadn’t. I would love to read that crazy stuff now!

2) When you read your first acceptance letter, you…

re-read it. Then I went out to the yard and said to my husband “I think somebody wants to publish Born Again Virgin”. I got him to come inside and read the email because I was afraid I was hallucinating. I’d gotten so many rejections by then I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a paragraph starting “Unfortunately, this particular manuscript is…”. But there wasn’t. That email I kept.

3) Describe an average writing day in the Lee Household.

I have a day job and young kids, so an average writing day for me is getting up at 5am and writing until 7am. Then I turn into employee or mum as the case demands. I get a little extra done on weekends when I can carve out some time, but time is more precious than diamonds to me.

4) Do you have a story line you’d love to write, but just know it’ll never work?

Not really. Perhaps I’m deluded but I don’t believe there’s a storyline I couldn’t make work given the time to do it. That strange belief has more to do with stubbornness than anything else. I mean, never tell me I can’t do something, okay?

5) Why erotic romance?

I cut my romance reading teeth on Harlequin Temptations back in the 80s and for that time those books were pretty spicy. I always eagerly awaited the sex scenes in those books and rued the fact there only ever seemed to be one or two. It wasn’t until I got familiar with e publishing and saw what publishers like Samhain and Ellora’s Cave were releasing that things really clicked for me. I love that you can push the boundaries in erotic romance, you can have characters that aren’t necessarily virtuous in the traditional keep-your-legs-crossed-until-you’re-in-love way and give them a story. You can show women enjoying sex and men being men, not watered down versions of men. I guess I love the utter freedom to write what I want.
6) What is your publication schedule looking like for 2013?

I have my first Ellora’s Cave release coming out, date TBA. It’s a hot MF called Just One Taste about an American heiress and the Aussie wine maker she falls for. I also have another book releasing in a couple of months that I can’t talk about until the ink’s dry, but that’s one that might surprise quite a few people (yes that’s a tease). Watch this space.


If you haven’t read a Sami Lee book, I suggest you get on over to your favorite bookstore and give her stories a try. I’m going to recommend you start with Erica’s Choice, as that is not only scorching hot, it has a beautiful story, two smoking heroes and a ton of five star reviews. (Seriously, every time I look at her Amazon page, there’s another five star review.)

Here’s the link to Sami’s page at Samhain, and to Erica’s Choice.

Go on. Read the book. You can thank me later.



8 Responses to “Meet Sami Lee”

  1. Yep, Erica’s Choice is a great starting place to read Sami’s book *winks*. That’s how I found her and then had to add her backlist to my TBR list 😊

  2. Thanks Phuong *Sami waves*

  3. I agree Erica’s choice is great but so are all of your books Sami. I eagerly await the new EC release – think I’m going to love the Aussie winemaker.

  4. Ha, I bought that book, Born Again Virgin. I had to laugh about the title though, sorry, but it was also the reason I bought it, it intrigued me. I’m sorry to say I did start to read it and since I share my laptop with my kids I didn’t ever finish it. I will though. And my cousin down under Jess, girl you are a brilliant writer!!! BTW, have you read Iced by KMM????

    • Z!
      I have read it. Perhaps gobbled it up would be a better description. 🙂
      Loved it too.
      But…it worried me how young Dani is, and how adult men lusted after her.
      What did you think?

      • Yep, but they showed a whole heck of a lot of restraint for as old as some of them are, except maybe Christian, but hey he’s got a bagful of problems esp. now that the Red Had or whatever she is called has him. I think KMM did a great job with Dani, she is just coming to be more than a girl but the way they act still confuses her just the right amount. Of course you remember both Ryoden and Christian can see what she will be in a few years but Dancer has no clue but I like Dancer. Now I canna decide who I want Dani to end up with. At the end of Fever I was rooting for Christian but damn it he’s becoming a Fey prince but you can tell he’s fighting it at times.

        • LOL, I also couldn’t decide who I wanted Dani to end up with. Talk about leaving her options open.
          I’m kinda rooting for Ryodan, but he’s toooooo old.
          Gonna fully place my trust in KMM and her ability to weave a wonderful story, and just wait and see what happens.

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