avenger_800Woohoo, let’s dance, it’s FRIDAY!!!!

Okay–today is the LAST day to vote at LoveRomanceCafe! Click the place and it’ll take you there. You have to be a member to vote and if you sign up, make sure you go web only or you will probably get a lot of mail. The winners will be announced on the 20th!!  Now…if for some reason you see the winners when the poll closes–DO NOT say a word. If there is a peep anywhere, that person will get disqualified. There was an issue one year and it ruined the poor party and Dawn works really hard on this thing–by herself. lol

What am I nominated for? Best Sci-fi for Avenger!!!

Now…on to the weekend. Saturday I take my son bowling. He is in a league. Sunday is my nothing day. I plan to write some this weekend. Would like to finish a story. We’ll see. I would like to go to a movie too, but I don’t know if I’ll get to. I’m thinking of taking my son to go eat some Mexican food. That’s always good. Um…as you can see–I really don’t have any plans. lol Take PMan to bowling is about as far as I get.

V, what are your plans?

From Valerie:    My plans are to work on more covers!  And I must get my exercise routine back on track.  Then Monday, for MLK day, it’s a bank holiday, so I get the day off and I’m going to get my hair done.  Cut and color (purple!).

Go vote at LRC for Jambrea!!!  🙂

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