V and I really like shifters. I usually read about wolves and usually it’s about two men because I LOVE m/m romance. lol BUT–I actually wrote a series about shifters. It was one of the first books I wrote that was rejected the first time I submitted it. I fixed it up and re subbed it to Total e Bound and now it is a 6 book series! I actually just finished the last book and it has been released so the series is all out there for people to read. The last print book will be out towards the end of Feb! Click HERE to go to the series page at TeB. You can also get the books on Amazon.

And here are the covers. The books, in order: Dreams, Secrets, Inequities, Origins, Redemption, and Absolution.

dreams_800 secrets_800 (1) inequities_800 origins_800 redemption_exlarge absolution_800


From Valerie:   I remember doing a quick mockup for Jambrea’s Dreams book.  Boy, I wish I still had that cover.  Talk about cheesy.  LOL  TeB did a great job on it.  But I’d like to think my crazy mockup helped her realize what she DIDN’T want.  LOL


Now, if we could only get Mari Carr to get moving on her shifters… Maybe she needs a mockup cover for inspiration?  😀

5 Responses to “Shifters”

  1. Hey Jambrea,
    You normally do M/M which I am sorry I don’t read and all the covers but Dreams show M/F so I am assuming those are about M/F stories so my question is: Is Dreams a M/F story too? Without a female model it is hard to tell if it is about a M/M or M/F.

    • Good question! I write both m/m & m/f. The Seeds of Dawn series IS m/f. There is a gay character introduced and he does have a story line and in Redemption he gets his mate, but it isn’t just his story and his erotic parts are toned down. Does that help?

  2. That makes me happy! 🙂 You HAGD too. 🙂

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