Jambrea and I have the blog this week (we missed yesterday and Sunday – oops), so I wanted to showcase some of my recently approved covers.

But before I do that, I wanted to show the progression of my skill level over the last 5ish years of designing covers.

Here’s the first cover I ever designed for a publisher:

Ummm… yeah.  I am surprised I got hired.

And here is one of my newest creations.  The lovely Mari Carr and Lila Dubois asked me to design a cover for their new self pubbed series.  I think it’s pretty awesome.  Very different styles, right?  LOL


So, five years later, several hundred covers later, several hundred hours of training, and I think I can say with 100% certainty that I’m getting better.


And speaking of covers…V has done a couple for me! She did my first m/m cover! This was when we both first started.

Runaway-Man Large











And here is a more recent one she’s done for me. This was for a free read and it ended up starting a series for me.

Once Upon a Dragon-final sm












When ever I need a visual–V is my gal. She is my go to person. AND I always tell authors looking for a cover artist to head V’s way! Here are a couple she did as mock ups for me to get me working on a story. Man…V is just awesome.

























This was when Retribution was called…um…yeah…The Good Ship Lollypop. ROFL!!! What? That’s what I wanted to name the ship. I’m SO happy I was talked out of that one. heehee

Wild Blue Yonder












OH! Another free read she did for me! 🙂

5 Responses to “Covers”

  1. I had forgotten about The Good Ship Lollipop!!!! LOL

  2. michelleboone Says:

    Absolutely loved to see the progression, but I still think your first covers were great too Valerie. I loved the tattoo on the guys back. The time it must’ve taken to put it there was worth it. Jambrea I think you’re awesome too and yeah I love The Good Ship Lollipop, I just keep picturing Shirley Temple lmao;)

  3. Love the covers. Now I have to go find these books. 🙂

  4. Well–mine have links at my website. 🙂 And the one V did for Lila and Mari isn’t out–yet. And I don’t know about the very first one she has up. lol

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