What Bianca is Looking Forward to in 2013

Wolf HillsJ.R. thought it would be fun for us to talk about what we’re most looking forward to this year. I hate to wish the year away, but I really am eager to see what readers think of the sequel to Wolf Hills. There was such a great response to the first one, that I’m really hoping fans of the series will like what I’ve done in the follow-up story.

Wolf Hills was the love story of Sally, the last of the college study group friends from the Brotherhood of Blood series, and Jason, the Alpha of the Wyoming werewolf Pack. The book exceeded all my expectations for it by earning a coveted Top Pick from RT Book Reviews Magazine.

It was also nominated in the Best E-Book Erotic Romance category in the RT Reviewers’ Choice Best
Book Awards for 2012. (The winner will be announced at the RT convention in May.) It’s my first nomination ever and I’m deeply honored by it. Recognition from an established authority like RT Magazine is an amazing thing.

Even more amazing is the response of readers to this book. Which is why I’m really looking forward to seeing what they think of the follow-up. The new book, called Wolf Quest, is coming out in December 2013 from Samhain Publishing. It is the love story of Jesse, Jason’s older brother, and Maria, a long-lost cousin of Sally’s.

Jesse is a fascinating character. A former Special Ops soldier, he probably should have become the Alpha of the Pack when his father died. But he wasn’t home. He was off fighting a war that changed him forever. He was content to let his younger brother, Jason, take over the Pack and Jesse knows he did the right thing for the good of the Pack.

Jesse has gathered a small group of talented former soldiers around him. They are all shifters of various kinds and live on a mountaintop in Pack territory. They work in various security functions for both the Wyoming Pack and for select clients who need their special kind of help. Jesse and his men have earned a but of a reputation that is growing to mythilogical proportions with each job they complete.

Their latest mission is to protect a woman who has no idea she is distantly related to Sally – and therefore, the very magical wood nymph, Leonora.

I haven’t really talked about this book publicly yet, so you heard it here first. LOL.


3 Responses to “What Bianca is Looking Forward to in 2013”

  1. Bianca,
    This second book Wolf Quest sounds awesome and I cannot wait to be able to read it. Thanks for sharing a synopsis of what it is about

  2. sharonjml Says:

    Thanks for sharing this update for a 5th book. I look forward to it coming out and reading.

  3. Good luck this next year.

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