An Unexpected Travel Fantasy

Like most people I often dream of getting away from it all and escaping to a tropical island. I love a poolsCruise alaskaide cocktail as much as the next girl, but if we’re really talking dream holidays, the big BIG dream for me would be to do something very much the opposite of lazing on an island somewhere near the equator.

Me? I’ve always wanted to got to Alaska.

Yep, it probably seems like an odd dream, and perhaps it has something to do with me living about as far away from snow as it’s possible to be. But I’d love to do a cruise in Alaska, followed by a tour through some of the countryside so I could see things like this:

Alaska%20WhaleAlaska northern lightsAlaska bears

I’d love to see the northern lights, and a bear (from far away of course). I have seen a whale off the coast of Australia, but it was in the distance. And besides, you can never get enough of seeing whales, right? I don’t mind rugging up if I get to see all this cool stuff. But a trip such as this is expensive for a girl from Oz, so for now I’ll have to bide my time and hope that one day… one day I might get there.

Happy holidays,


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