Dream holiday!

Okay, I’ll be honest, ANY holiday is  a dream holiday. 🙂 But if I HAD to chose my ultimate holiday it would have to be a month spent in the company of my International Heat buddies. OMG! I can picture it now. We’d rent a house somewhere (probably some tropical island with cabana boys) and just kick back and relax. We’d talk and eat and talk and drink and talk and talk.


Every year a number of us get together at RT and what I just described pretty much happens but it’s never for long enough and we’re all busy rushing around doing our ‘author’ thing and so we’re not all that relaxed either. 😦 Not that I’m complaining at all. I LIVE for that one week a year where as many of us as possible get together.

Farm Boy and Mr. C

Here are Farm Boy and Mr. C at RT 2012 in Chicago.

I’ve been pretty lucky, we lived in Singapore for three years and got to visit some beautiful locations so I’ve done the whole tropical island getaway and I feel truly blessed to have been able to do it but I’d trade all those holidays for one month with my IH gals. They’re the best. 🙂

IMG_0709  <—- Valerie put this in here!  😀

If money was no object (just image you found a genie in a bottle) who would your dream holiday companions be?

Rhian Cahill


P.S. I big THANK YOU to Valerie for saving me and putting in all the gorgeous pix. My stupid internet service wouldn’t let me load any and as usual Valerie The Computer Goddess came to me rescue. Love you Valerie!

3 Responses to “Dream holiday!”

  1. Look at those handsom men!

  2. susanhow Says:

    This book is great! What is the title and is it ready for pre-order?

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