Valerie’s Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would require unlimited funds and time.  I want to go to Australia and New Zealand.  With a stopover in Hawaii.  I’ve wanted to go to Australia since the first time I read about the country in a Sidney Sheldon book (Master of the Game).

Anyhooo….  Isn’t this just gorgeous?

I’m sure the Aussie ladies wouldn’t mind me crashing on their couch for a month… Or two…  🙂

New Zealand just looks so pretty, lush and green.


And if while in Hawaii, I ran into Alex O’Laughlin and Scott Caan (from Hawaii 5-0) all the better, right?

I’d bring my husband.  Even though he hates to fly.

6 Responses to “Valerie’s Dream Vacation”

  1. michelleboone Says:

    But what about me???? Can I go. I’ll be quiet like a mouse on the Aussies couches;)) and Chuck likes me. And I love you. So um????

    Sent from my iPhone

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  3. I’ve wanted to go to New Zealand since…Xena… ROFL!

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