Happy New Year!

New Year DragonI know the theme the past few days has been best vacations, etc, but today is New Year’s Day! The chance to start anew. And I’ve got a new story out. So let’s break the rules and do our own thing today. Why not?

There’s been a lot going on in my world lately. Sticking just to the book-related stuff, I had a book release on December 23rd called Tales of the Were: Rocky. It’s a paranormal that is related to my other Tales of the Were stories (Lords of the Were, InfernoThe Purrfect Stranger) and the crossover Brotherhood of Blood books (One & Only, Rare Vintage, Phantom Desires, Sweeter Than Wine, Forever Valentine, Wolf Hills).

Actually, all my paranormals are pretty much related. They all take place in the same contemporary/paranormal world that has the same rules, etc. So I’d count Cat’s Cradle as related too.

It’s all good. I like writing in this world I’ve created and I anticipate a lot more of these stories in the year to come! Look at that! My first prediction for the New Year. 😉

RockyActually, I’m safe in saying that there will definitely be more paranormals this coming year because Brotherhood of Blood: Wolf Quest has already been accepted by my publisher for release late in 2013. Not sure of the date yet. Sorry. But I can tell you that it’s the follow-up to Wolf Hills, that picks up where that book left off. Wolf Hills is about Jason and Sally. Wolf Quest is about Jesse (Jason’s older brother) and Maria (Sally’s long-lost cousin).

But I’m getting off the subject here. For now, I’d like to tell you more about Rocky. It’s the story of a werebear we first met in Lords of the Were. He’s a supporting character in that book and now he finally gets his own story. Here’s the blurb:

On the run from her husband’s killers, there is only one man who can help her now… her Rock.

Maggie is on the run from those who killed her husband nine months ago. She knows the only one who can help her is Rocco, a grizzly shifter she knew in her youth. She arrives on his doorstep in labor with twins. Magical, shapeshifting, bear cub twins destined to lead the next generation of werecreatures in North America.

Rocky is devastated by the news of his Clan brother’s death, but he cannot deny the attraction that has never waned for the small human woman who stole his heart a long time ago. Rocky absented himself from her life when she chose to marry his childhood friend, but the years haven’t changed the way he feels for her.

And now there are two young lives to protect. Rocky will do everything in his power to end the threat to the small family and claim them for himself. He knows he is the perfect Alpha to teach the cubs as they grow into their power… if their mother will let him love her as he has always longed to do.

You can buy Rocky now from Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords

So that was the end of 2012. Now for the New Year, I’ve got a new short story out today! It’s available two different ways – either as part of The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance or as a separate ebook. Here are the covers for both versions:

 As you can probably tell from the covers, the name of the short story is End of the Line. It’s related to my Jit’Suku Chronicles, set in the same time period as the Arcana series (King of Swords, King of Cups & King of Clubs). Here’s a little bit about it:

Jit’suku Captain Fedroval – Val for short – shoots down a one-man fighter out near the Galactic Rim, but the pilot, much to his surprise and horror, is a woman named Lisbet Duncan. The alien jit’suku have a strict warrior code. In their culture, making war on females of any species is a shameful stain on one’s honor. The captain doesn’t quite know what to do with Lisbet, but he can’t let her die alone in space. He orders his men to tow her life pod into his much larger battle ship.

Val is the last of his line – heir to a legacy that cannot be continued on his own world – because no respectable jit’suku woman will have him after the destruction of his family. He has put all his considerable resources into building his state of the art battleship and joining the fight to take the human galaxy, hoping to restore his honor in some small way. This is Val’s first foray into human space and his first encounter with a human female. And wouldn’t you know it? He falls for her, head over heels for her.

Lisbet is attracted to Val as well. When he puts the moves on her, she can’t resist his masculine charm, but she doesn’t like being a prisoner – even if she is being kept in a gilded cage, treated more like a guest. She doesn’t know a lot about jit’suku culture and it’s pretty clear they don’t understand much about humans. It’s going to be fun educating her captor about just how headstrong, fierce… and loving… a human woman can be.

You can buy the anthology in both ebook and print form from Amazon or B&N.

You can get the 99-cent standalone ebook from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.

Dragon StormSo we’ve covered paranromal, sci fi, and now I should probably mention my other favorite genre to write in… fantasy. And fantasy means DRAGONS! 🙂 We just have one last re-release to go later this month before the all new Dragon Knights book comes out next month. So for now, look for Dragon Storm, re-releasing on January 29th.

This book has been revised for re-release (probably more than the others in the series except for Maiden Flight). It’s the only time/dimension-travel book in the series (so far) and it’s definitely menage. Who could ask for anything more? Here’s the blurb:

Their love will span the ages and two very different worlds…

Driven by a magical storm into our world, twin dragon princes Darius and Connor must find a way home. They also find their mate. One woman who is mate to both princes. She holds both their hearts in the palm of her hand along with secrets about her origins and family.

Facing the failures of her past is the only way to get help for her new mates. Josie takes them on a journey to a far off land, there to seek her estranged grandfather’s counsel and aid in returning her lovers to their rightful place. She knows dragons cannot fly free in the modern world and is willing to give up everything — to give up her only chance for true love — to help them return to where they belong.

But fate has other plans for the trio. Magic swirls all around them… whether it is for good or ill, only time will tell.

You can pre-order Dragon Storm from Amazon.

So as you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2013. Heck, even just in January! I hope we all have a GREAT year this year. 2012 ended pretty badly for me health-wise, with some issues that still need to be addressed this January. Hopefully everything will straighten out and we can all enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013! That is my wish. For myself and each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!

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