Grand Prize Winner!

Drumroll please…

The winner of our grand prize (a $100 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble–winner’s choice) is…………..


Thanks to everyone who helped us countdown to the end…er…to Dec. 22.

We’d like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

8 Responses to “Grand Prize Winner!”

  1. Congrats Kaylyn ! Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

  2. Susan Romito Says:

    Whoo Hoo Kaylyn! Happy Shopping!!

  3. YAY!!! Congrats Kaylyn

  4. Congrats Kaylyn! Happy holidays to everyone!

  5. CONGRATS!!! Thank you all for hanging out with us!

    Thanks to all the daily winners too. You guys were great!

  6. Huge congrats and happy shopping to Kaylyn, and happy reading to all the winners!

    Thank you, Bianca, Jambrea, Jayne, Jess, Lexxie, Lila, Mari, Rhian, Sami, the fabulous Ms. Tibbs, and all your guests! Glad we survived to celebrate another day 😉

  7. Congrats to everyone! Merry Christmas to all.

  8. Unless this is another Kaylyn Davis…. Thank you so much.

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