And the winners are…


Over the course of the day, we will be partying like it’s 1999…er…Dec. 22, 2012! We made it, folks. Looks like those Mayans just pulled the mother of all practical jokes on us! So it seems to us we should celebrate this newfound lease on life with books…spicy books…lots of them. We’ve been sharing items on our bucket lists, so maybe it’s time we all attempt to make some of those dreams a reality in 2013. Each hour today, we will announce a winner. We had LOTS of prizes. The party will count down until we make the GRAND PRIZE WINNER announcement later this evening.

And without further ado…

The winner of Lila Dubois’s AWESOME prize pack that includes a signed copy of Calling the Wild, your choice of ebook, and goofy souvenir from Ireland, which is where Lila is headed in a week is….


And…don’t forget to preorder your copy of The Harp and The Fiddle today, so that it will automatically appear on your ereader Christmas morning. Nothing like treating yourself to something for the holiday.

The Harp and the Fiddle.jpg

Caera Cassidy has spent two years building the historic—and haunted—Glenncailty Castle into one of the most sought-after hotels and performance venues in Ireland. But she can’t say it’s her dream. She lost that years ago when what she thought was love led her to a dark place not even her music could reach.

Once in a while, though, it’s safe to pretend. And that’s what she’s doing when she plays her harp on the empty stage in the castle’s theater.

When American folk musician Tim Wilcox spots the mysterious woman at the front of the theater, he’s enraptured. Not only by her virtuoso skill and ethereal voice, but by her dark beauty—and the shadows in her blue eyes when she insists she’s no musician.

Wary of repeating the mistakes of her past, Caera tells herself she can indulge in the pleasure of Tim’s company, his touch, without risking her heart. But she hadn’t counted on Tim’s determination to convince her she’s worthy of her gifts. Or on lingering souls who live in the castle, who are growing restless, ready to warn her that deadly mistakes are not meant to be repeated…

8 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. Congrats Amy!!

  2. Congrats Amy!

  3. Congrats and enjoy, Amy.

  4. Congrats Amy!

  5. Thank you! I was shopping yesterday and missed the announcements.

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