Days Til the End of the World… Zero?

That’s right isn’t it? Today’s the big day, doomsday, the day the four horsemen of the apocylpse are going to come riding across the plane on their pale horses. The day the tidal waves are going to hit and the earthquakes are going to quake and asteroids are going to rain down to earth. So if all this is about to happen, what am I going to do?

I’m going to bloody duck, of course.

(ducking under the table now)

Sound of crickets chirping. All seems well.

(tapping foot now. I hate to be kept waiting. Bloody Mayans! Always running late. Probably because they’re stupid clock is bogus. It looks like an Oreo)


Wait, does it look like my husband’s brain has been eaten by zombies? Do I hear gunfire? Nah. He’s just playing Medal of Honor online.

(peeking out from under desk)

So… what time is this thing supposed to go down anyway? Being in Australia, I’m about fifteen hours ahead of you folks on the North American continent. And I hate to disappoint you, but nothing’s happened here yet. I stubbed my toe earlier and the electricity bill arrived, so those were pretty sucky events. But as for pale horses and tidal waves… nada. I mean, I don’t want to call it too early, but I kinda think we might be safe. Yes from my lips to your ears (or from my typing fingers to your reading eyes). People WE ARE NOT DOOMED!

So what’s the point of me going on with my bucket list?

Well, there’s always a point to a bucket list. There’s plenty I want to do in life and whether I have 60 minutes left or 60 years, a girl’s gotta have goals. Goals are dreams with a time frame (thanks Dr. Phil). Once upon a time my dream was to write a novel. I wrote that dream down, turned it into a goal and eventually… voila! Item checked off. One day, given enough money and time, I’m going to learn to sail and charter a yacht around the Whitsundays. I’m going to take my kids to Disneyland when they’re old enough to fully appreciate it. I’m going to hike in Tasmania, laze around in Bora Bora and maybe when my girls are too old for Disneyland I’ll take them to Europe.

Seems travel is one of those things that’s always on someone’s bucket list. I asked the lovely and talented Shelli Stevens what she would do if the world was about to end, and she had this to say.

If I knew the world was ending and could make it work, I would travel. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, U.K.  I’d most like to get to Italy before the world went kaboom. I’m just so fascinated by all things historical.

Ahh, Italia

Ahh, Italia

 So yep, travel is one of those things we all seem to want to do. The good news now Shelli is that it looks like you’ll have time to do it after all. Still no tidal waves. You can stay at my joint when you come to Oz if you like.

Oh yes, it’s lovely to dream of the days we’ll travel to these exotic destinations. But it takes money, and planning and time, things we don’t always have an abundance of. So in the meantime… why don’t we all enjoy a good book?

Someone wants her. And someone else wants her…dead.

If life as a not-fully-human has taught Agent Grace Masterson anything, it’s that she’ll never again be anyone’s sitting duck. savagebetrayalWhoever is deftly evading the traps around her remote sanctuary outside Seattle, she intends to shove his easily sensed self-confidence way, way up where the sun don’t shine.

When she comes face to face—and body to body—with Darrius Hilliard, relief and lingering guilt over past choices weaken her knees. Plus something bad. Really bad. A surprising, intense desire for her fellow agent.

Darrius knows what Grace needs, and it’s not the kid-glove treatment. If she’s ever to overcome her past trauma and return to full active duty status with the P.I.A, she needs a strong shoulder. Yet he’s shocked at how quickly he’s become physically and emotionally entwined with her.

Fighting their growing attraction to one another becomes secondary, though, when it becomes clear that someone not only isn’t thrilled at Grace’s return, they want her gone. Maybe even dead…

Savage Betrayal is available now: Samhain Publishing     Amazon    B&N. And Shelli is giving away a $5 gift card to Amazon to one lucky commenter!

A new lover, an old flame, sultry moonlit nights… Why let inhibitions stand in the way?

Bandicoot Cove: The Wedding, Book 3MoonlightMirage

Two years ago, Hayley Bryant left Australia on a round-the-world odyssey that changed her life, and her attitude. After that, coming face to face with the man whose rejection sent her packing shouldn’t affect her at all, right?

Except there’s one thing that hasn’t changed—her former boss Mitchell Wood makes her burn as hot as ever. The difference is, Hayley’s now a grown woman who knows how to get what she wants, and she wants Mitch. Trouble is, she hasn’t come to her friend’s wedding alone. Her very sexy friend with benefits, Ty Butler, might pose a problem.

Business was always Mitch’s first love…at least until he hired his little sister’s friend as an intern. Pushing her away was the right thing to do, but now his sister’s wedding has Hayley re-entering his life—and the empty place in his heart. Soon he’s acting less like the consummate workaholic and more like a man crazy in love. But Hayley’s “plus one” is an unexpected obstacle.

Fortunately, Mitch has never been one to shy away from a little competition…

Moonlight Mirage is available  Samhain Publishing    Amazon    B&N

I’m offering a copy of Moonlight Mirage to the winning comment on this post.



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26 Responses to “Days Til the End of the World… Zero?”

  1. I guess The Mayans got it wrong… I’m going to feel real stupid tho if 10 minutes from now the world ends. Ok.. both these books sound great, i will definitely be adding them to the list. Here’s praying that I get to read them if the world is still revolving later.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Dawna Newman Says:

    Hope you have a Happy Holiday, I was looking at the beautiful sun shining in Australia. Wish I was there we are getting a snow storm called Draco (yes they are naming snow storms now I guess LOL) wondering if the next one will be Harry .

  3. The world better not be ending because I have so many books I wanna read still including Savage Betrayal and some backlist books by you, Sami, that’s on my iPad. Plus, I’d like to enjoy my long holiday weekend that began tonight 🙂

  4. Love the Mayan clock/ Oreo comparison!! Hilarious.

  5. I’m in New Zealand and we had the discussion today that it must be North American time for world ending as nothing had happened here. Since it is the middle of the night over there at the moment I assume that everything is carrying on. More books for me to read. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. The world can’t end, there are too many awesome books to be published and read, so someone just flip the calendar around and we’ll start over again.

  7. Mary Preston Says:

    Still here!! Thank goodness I have a pantry full of food & gifts under the Christmas tree.

  8. The world can’t end yet. I have too many books to read. The Mayans are just going to have to be mistaken on this particular subject.

  9. It’s 5 am here (Minnesota) and if there is a God, the time to end the world would have been at 3:45 am, before I got on the elliptical, not after I finished.

  10. My teen behaved… like a teen this morning. I’m pretty sure we’re safe. If she’d been all sweetness and light, perhaps I’d have worried, but nope, S.O.P. was followed. 🙂 I haven’t had much coffee yet, so I can’t make the call on the zombies. Heh.

  11. Well I woke up this morning. Lol nothing left for me to do try to get done. Takes the pressure off really. Lol I do want to travel but right now don’t have time or money. 😦


  12. I would travel too…to Greece…I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t…I should rethink that.

  13. The world might not have ended but I’m getting snowpocolypse instead. OMG the snow is so thick and its really coming down.
    Well at least we’ll have a white Christmas 🙂

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  14. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I’m so glad we are all still here and the world did not end. I have so many books I still need to read.

  15. The Mayans didn’t get the date wrong. It was some stupid scientist somewhere. It’s only the end of a cycle of their calendar. Just like New Year’s Eve/Day. After witnessing what we all did for the turn of the century, can you imagine the world wide party if we followed the Mayan calendar instead of the one we are using?
    I’m going to celebrate this first day of a new cycle by doing something I haven’t done in months-baking. And maybe blogging too, if I have time after the baking and cleaning up.

  16. Since my alarm clock woke me approximately 19 minutes AFTER the world was supposed to end, I figured a. the world didn’t end so b. I better get my big butt up for work and c. get back on the diet I quit when they said the world was going to end-who cares if you a chubby when it is all said and done, right?

  17. What if the interpretation is wrong and the date is the 22nd? Well, it better not be because I have too many books to read. LOL

  18. No one will be able to predict when the world will end. They have tried plenty of times. That being said, I’m glad we are all able to be here and comment on this post. There is plenty of places I would like to visit, plenty of books still to be read, and plenty of movies to watch. I still can’t get this song out of my head, It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. lol

  19. Susan Romito Says:

    Glad the world didn’t end – my TBR pile is huge and I need to get through it. LOL – like that will ever happen – I buy faster than I read. But it at least needs to be a bit smaller. 🙂

  20. itmfiddler Says:

    Great post! I’m a bit sad the world didn’t end as I’m faced with an insane amount of work to do during the holidays and an extremely stressful January. Oh well, maybe 2013 will go better than expected and I’ll make it down to sail in Australia!

  21. Nice post. Seems like any other day.

  22. Day isn’t over yet here but I’m hoping it is not the end. I have lots of books I want to read. At least I’m not working late tonight.

  23. I watched a tv show this evening on National Geographic about the Mayan calendar. It was quite interesting. Researchers had found some kind of cave with writings on the walls. Which continues about the calendar. They said it’s like when your car’s mileage turns over to 000000, it just starts over. So basically that’s what the Mayan’s figured out, that time was the same. After so long, it just starts over and keeps going and going.

  24. Nancy, you’re the best 🙂 And Shelli, awesome post–happy we got the Mayans wrong, and yay for more to add to the TBR 😉 Until the next apocalypse…

  25. Shelli the world cannot end until I meet you at RT…just sayin’

  26. I’m so glad the world didn’t end!! I have too many book left to read and series I need to see the end of!!! (Book and TV series)

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