The End… Is…

Near… lol

It the end. Only 4 days until the world is gone. I won’t get to read the JR Ward book I’ve been looking forward to FOREVER OR Abigail Roux’s new Ty and Zane book. OMG. I’m crying now. Thank you Mayan’s. *sob*

Tom Hardy6My bucket list—or things I would do if the world was going to end in 4 days.

Find Tom Hardy and lick every inch of his body. Maybe twice… I mean, he’d be totally on board, right? I’d just have to say—hey, dude, the world is ending…Let’s get it on    see what works.

And since I have four days…well the Tom Hardy thing might take two… I’ll take Pman as far as I can until the world is no more. Probably a plane trip somewhere fun. We could end it all in Lego Land in Florida, just me and my boy. Well—I might have to bring his dad. I guess that would be fair. Hey—maybe Tom could come too!

Now on to who you are really here to see… Amy Lane and Mary Calmes!

And I Feel Fine

Amy:  Okay, so, the end of the world is on the 21st.  I’m somewhat disappointed. I mean I was never going to read, write, or knit ALL OF THE THINGS–I understood that.  But I haven’t seen the Kings win a championship and I haven’t gotten a bear hug from any of the guys at Corbin Fisher–but those are sort of minor things, really.  There’s STILL a whole host of stuff I haven’t done yet.  How about you, Mary?

TOm-Cruise-tom-cruise-24203267-823-1024Mary: I probably won’t have gotten to The Hobbit by then and I want to see that. Poop. Also, I want to see the rise of a tall, blond gorgeous actor who can actually act and who will play all the parts that normally Tom Cruise would be destroying. You know, Lestat, Jack Reacher, this guy would do those. Imagine if the description in the book could actually match the character in movie. Amazing.

Amy:  Okay– for the record?  I like Tom Cruise–what I want is for him to come out of the closet and be all strong and brave and noble in his suffering so the press can stop demonizing him.  Oh yeah– I also want the scientology guy to admit he did a whole lot of shrooms, cause that would reaffirm my faith in mankind.  Oh!  And I want to taste a truffle, like, the shaved multizillion dollar mushroom, cause that would be cool and I want to read The Iliad again, andThe Aenead cause I never got through that one, and I want to read the last Harry Dresden book and…

KeanuReevesMary: What else? I want a hug from Keanu Reeves and for us to hang out and have coffee. I want to go to Capri, have always wanted to go there since I was sitting in the campus clinic waiting to find out if I was pregnant at nineteen or not and saw an article about it. When I found out I wasn’t, I swiped the magazine on the way out. Figured it was a sign. So I need to go there.
Amy:  And I want to go to Capri with Mary– we have plans to be dirty old women on bicycles, groping all the hot young Italian men.  (heh heh heh heh… *perv*) and I want to go whale watching again and I want to own a chi-who-what– WAIT!  OMYGOD– I do own a chi-who-what! Just got him yesterday! So, well, check that off, and we also cleaned out the hall closet, and that was on the list too.  Hell, if I clean my room, I might be close to being ready for the apocalypse.
All I need is a trip to Capri with Mary, a trip to England with my husband, and poor Tom Cruise to stop lying to himself and have a public kiss with Keanu Reeves, and I’ll be good to go!
Mary: We can travel to Capri on a big luxury liner and then stay and go through Italy. That would be fantastic! And for the record, Keanu Reeves will NOT be
kissing Tom Cruise, Like ever. Ewwww. You–go like Tom Cruise as well
 as that Titanic movie over there! We can take all 12 or 15 seasons of Supernatural Taylor Kitschwith us and watch them on the way. Just agree and show everyone your adorable dog. 
alskarAmy: Oh.  Okay.  Well, I can live with the Tom Cruise/Keanu Reeves disappointment.  *sigh*  It was a beautiful fantasy, like Alskaar and Taylor Kitsch. Supernatural you say?  Season 4?  Cause that was my fave!  Break out the luggage, the muumuus and the leis, me & Mary are goin’ on the cruise of the apocalypse!  Weehoo!

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How to Enter: Comment on this blog post and tell us who you think should be kissing on the beach as the world ends. Should it be Tom & Keanu? How about Alskaar and Kitsch? 

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65 Responses to “The End… Is…”

  1. Really fun post. Um, kissing on that beacb at the end of the world? Ummmm…. Well, if I can have whoever I want, how about the main couples from Change of Heart, Clear Water, and Rayne’s Wild Ride? They all make my heart happy. Or, you know, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, in their Star Trek personas.

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    Speaking of SUPERNATURAL, and I totally agree about season 4, I’d be happy for the boys to have a smooch on the beach.

  3. Who do I think should be kissing on a beach as the end of the world arrives? The men & women from the Powertools series (in any match up they desire).

  4. I hope Keanu has better taste than Tom Cruise. He can do much better, I mean, I’m sitting right here. I’d love to see Mal and Inara from Firefly kiss. Heck, if it’s the end of the world, maybe they should bring the show back.

  5. What a great post! Super funny, as always, and lots of great man candy to swoon over. Kissing on the beach…I’d like to see Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton duke it out kiss-style, but only if I could watch and help. 🙂

  6. As much as I would love to be kissing a celeb, since it is the last day of he world it would have to be my hubby and kids. I can kiss the celebs each day prior.

  7. As I don’t know who most of those actors are, I couldn’t even guess. I personally think it should be all the lovers in the world who also love the beach. I could do that.

  8. Oh I’d like to see Benedict Cumerbach and Martin Freeman from the BBC series Sherlock kiss. There is some serious sparks there! Also Jake Gyenhall and meself could get pretty hot on a beach too, I’d not object!!!

  9. you guys are killing me, if we are going to do any celebrity licking can I have Robert Downy Jr please :O) Carin

  10. Um… who do I want to see kissing on the beach as the world ends….. tough question………. um… oh I know. I want to see all the characters from romance novels who I’ve yelled at when reading their books kissing on the beach so that when the world ends I can be like “Oh My God they do exist, I told you I wasn’t crazy!”

  11. I honestly don’t know who should be kissing whom LOL. Whoever are together should be the ones kissing if the world is ending.

  12. I don’t mind if Alskaar and Kitsch as long as I can jump in on it too.

  13. Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett or Jin and Logan Church! Either would be super hot 🙂 YUM…

  14. Only 4 days to get all my reading “panicking”. Crick/Deacon or Jin/Logan or Alskaar/Kitsch…..choices choices choices!!!!

  15. Hmmm! Love the post. Let see who I’d want to see kiss , oh, Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5 0. Yum! The sparks flying every week has been making my tv do the smoking ‘thingy’! 🙂

  16. Simon, Ethan and Dana from Training the Receptionist!

  17. Keanu Reeves and Matthew McCaughney. lol. Those are two of my fave actors.

  18. I’m a Hugh Jackman fan and was secretly hoping all during Wolverine that he and Taylor Kitsch would snog. On a beach would be perfectly fine.

  19. Can’t think of anyone I’d really want to see kissing on the beach-well I can, but there are too many to mention, really. How about if we all get together on that beach and kiss each other?

  20. Hmmm, I, too, want to kiss too many. LOL. I wouldn’t mind Darius and Xavier from DN Simmons’ KOTD Series.

  21. Look, if the world is seriously ending, then it’s gotta be DH, and I’ve got to have my arms wrapped around my kids, super tight 🙂

    But I wouldn’t mind sneaking a kiss from a hottie or two earlier this week 😉 Hugh? Maybe before you head in Tina’s direction? 😀

  22. Great post.Too bad the end is I don’t know who to say should be kissing on the beach. How about whoever is beside you as the end comes grab and give a kiss to 🙂

  23. I used to like Tom Cruise not so much anymore, I rather see Alexander Skarsgard kissing anyone on the beach (preferably me 🙂 but if not anyone but Tom Cruise.

  24. How about Crawford and Ben from The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters? I feel sorry for them, with all that snow and always needing gloves for their hands and other places lol they deserve warm weather and a kiss on the beach 🙂

  25. I’m watching Supernatural, so I kind of like Sam and Dean on the beach. 🙂

    But then there are Merlin and Arthur, which by the way I hope to watch over Christmas, so hopefully no world ending before that. 😉

  26. No kissing Keanu, he is all mine. I don’t really care for Tom, so he can kiss anyone.
    This post was too cute 🙂

  27. What a fun blog, lol! Me and Adam Levine will be kissing on the beach on Doomsday or whatever. If Marvin Gaye was alive, I’d kiss him. Hugh Jackman will be on standby. Done, and done!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  28. Briannah Reynolds Says:

    I think Chris Hemsworth and Jensen Ackles should kiss on the beach on the 21st, they would totally look hot together. Other than that have a great End of the World everyone

  29. I think Chris Hemsworth and Jensen Ackles should kiss on the beach on the 21st, they would totally look hot together. Other than that have a great End of the World everyone

  30. I’m a Glee fan and I want Kurt and Blaine back together! I want them on the beach professing their undying love to each other as the world ends.


  31. Do we have to pick fictional characters? Well then Eric Northman and Sam from TrueBlood!!!(I cant spell Alexander’s last name and I dont know the name of the actor that plays Sam the shapeshifter) Real people…me and Clay Matthews baby!!!
    Ashley A

  32. How about Taylor Kinney (Lady Gaga’s bf) and Taylor Kitsch!!! That would be a beautiful sight as the world ended 🙂

  33. I vote for Aragorn and Legolas. Elf and man. Yummy

  34. Susan Romito Says:

    I say Rob Pattinson should dump Kristen and grab Taylor Lautner for a long, hot kiss on the beach!! LOL

  35. itmfiddler Says:

    John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd!

    • I want to see them do more than kiss! They did the kissing on the show. I want…full on… bawchickawowowo… heehee 🙂 *sigh* I love those two.

  36. Crystal Mobley Says:

    I wanna see them all. Four hottie pile up 😉 There now, that argument settled. And I really would like to read Cake, Concubine, Gaven and The Emperors wolf before the apocalypse, as well as have a date and a few days of non stop shagging

  37. What a fantastic contest with these three authors offering books. I would like to see Kurt and Blaine from Glee back together.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  38. I think I should be one of the people kissing on the beach. Tom Cruise can wait. Can I have my own personal line up of men to kiss on the beach? CJ Hollenbach, Andrei Claude, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Tom Selleck and then we can do it all over again.

  39. I have to say, I love looking at Keanu Reeves and a young Brendan Fraiser (George of the Jungle bod and the mummy movie). But if I’m watching men snog on the beach, then a wet Viggo Mortensen (a la LOTR) is a must.

  40. Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler

  41. Definitely Alskaar and Kitsch…guy…can we make sure I’m at the same beach at the same time?


  42. If I could see Chase and Tommy from Chase in Shadow making out I would be a very happy lady! And I agree with Zanara, Aragorn and Legolas making out would be a real treat, or Viggo and Orlando, I’m not picky!
    OceanAkers @

  43. I figure that I will just stick with my hubby since I might not like any of those other guys when we get up close.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  44. Michelle (MiMi) Says:

    Love you guys! Count me in, pretty please! Thanks

  45. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I’d like to see Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. I love the way they act together on The Voice.

  46. It would be a shame for the world to end and Tom to not come out of the closet.

  47. Edward and Jacob form Twilight!

  48. I would love to see Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Kitch kissing anyday.

  49. Oh please Keanu shouldn’t have to suffer with a kiss from Tom…eww. I am positive he has much better taste 🙂

  50. I totally want Jensen Ackles and Chris Hemsworth if I can have anyone kissing on the beach. lol

  51. I would have to say that I would luv to see Sean Connery and George Clooney lip locked and wrapped around each other on the beach…..*sigh* Lemme see….Sean would be just a bit taller, one hand wrapped in Geo’s hair rather forcefully and George would give a small whimper and rub closer…..and…..oh man, I gotta go take a cold shower……*grin*

    Thanks for the fun ladies! and Happy Holidays to all!


  52. I vote for the Supernatural boys! Damn those two are so Hott together! Happy Holidays, even though It didn’t dawn on me that today is the 20th already…One day to gooooo!!!!

  53. Thought the end of the world came early, no electricity, windy and no cable!!! Gibbs (NCIS) and Matt (Chicago Fire) love, love them!!!1

  54. we are having storm so if the world going to end so do it and then i wioule like to find a brother i do not know were he at

  55. This was a funny post. If it was a choice of Tom or Keanu, then Chris Hemsworth of course. 🙂

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