It’s The End Of The World Dawn and Jess style


Which leaves my fabulous guest, Dawn Halliday, and me very little time to complete everything on our bucket lists.

So, what exactly is on our bucket lists? Let’s ask Dawn first…

Dawn’s Bucket List for if the world ends:

(1)  Quit the day job and have everyone else I know quit too so we can spend the last few days of our existence enjoying one another.

(2)  Go to Egypt and visit the land of the Pharaohs.

(3)  Live in the absolute luxury of a billionaire for the last few weeks (max out all my credit cards and go into debt…plus all my family & friends’ credit cards too!).

(4)  Focus on giving my family as much happiness as I can.

(5)  Spend the last few minutes in the most beautiful place on earth (not sure where that is yet—anyone have any ideas?).

In the meantime, I’ll continue to write, work, pay my bills in a timely fashion, and not encourage my friends and family to quit their jobs!

My latest release is a verrry sexy Regency Historical romance, The Sweetest Revenge. I love stories about redeeming rakes, scoundrels, and rogues. In these stories, the mad, bad aristocrats find the woman who ultimately tames them, who turns them into a monogamous man, a loving husband and father. I have always wondered, what happened to all those women who came before that woman who tamed him? What happened to those poor souls he debauched and ruined? How did they survive the scandal? How did they go on after the rake left them behind?

The Sweetest Revenge is the story of three women in that exact situation—three women who’ve been the victims of one rake who has compromised them all. These three women have decided that enough is enough, and while they can’t take on society, perhaps—just perhaps—they can change one man. It’s the story of one rake’s reformation, and three women’s revenge.


Here’s a blurb for the story:


Three Determined Women…One Fallen Man

When the Earl of Leothaid took Isabelle Frasier’s innocence, the resulting scandal drove Isabelle to England in humiliating exile. Seven years later, she befriends Anna Newton and Susan, Lady DeLinn, two other women whom Leo has similarly debauched and abandoned.

Isabelle joins with Anna and Susan to seek vengeance on the man who ruined them. But when her friends choose Isabelle as the instrument of their revenge, she faces an impossible choice: stand by Anna and Susan, or betray them by surrendering to her reawakening feelings for the wicked earl.

When Leo lost the woman he loved, he sank into a life of depravity and vice. Now, nothing and nobody can seep into his hard shell of a heart. But when three mystery women abduct him and shackle him in a dark cellar, Leo just might rediscover his humanity…and a love that may lift him back into the light.

The Sweetest Revenge is currently on sale for $0.99 at Amazon.

Jess’s Bucket List

I’ll start this list by saying I will be majorly peeved if I don’t have a chance to read Dawn’s Sweetest Revenge before the big day. I’ve read her Highlanders, and no one should meet the end of the world without those smolderingly sexy books under their belts!

What else would I do if the world were ending? Okay, let’s be practical. I have five days. Five. Which doesn’t give me a whole helluva lot of time to visit wonderful places or learn new tricks. I considered throwing a massive party for friends and family, but honestly? Who wants to spend the last few days stressing about the preparation and organization, what food to serve, who to invite… Who needs the stress?

So, call me simple, but here’s what I would do: I’d just calmly step away from my computer, round up my kids, hubby and the dog, and we’d go to the park. We’d take bikes, balls, bones (for the dog), a lavish picnic and just spend quality time together.

And while we were there, I’d take the opportunity to tell my family exactly how much I love them and why. Because in this frenetic life we live, the ‘whys’ sometimes get lost in the screamed ‘love yous’ as one or another of us is racing out the door.

The next thing? Well, I would stuff every yummy treat I could think of into that picnic basket. Every delectable food I deny myself because I am forever trying to diet. While the end of the world may be a, um, bit of a downer, eating whatever food I desired would be heaven! (I’d give you a list, but there’s not enough space on the internet.)

And if I were to recommend one of my books for you to read before the end of the world, it would be Afternoon Rhapsody.

Why? Because not all of us will be able to visit a gorgeous tropical island before the big day. So this would be your opportunity. But more than that, the book’s about discovering what’s most important in your life, about searching through your past to come to terms with your present and ensuring you have the happiest future possible – with the person/people you love the most. (Yeah, yeah, even if that future is only five days long.)

Afternoon Rhapsody: The Blurb

A second chance at love is worth fighting for.

Bandicoot Cove: The Wedding, Book 1

Bianca Rogers is one signature away from finalizing her divorce. And she will finalize it just as soon as she gets home. But for this weekend, she’s putting her troubles aside and enjoying the gorgeous, sunlit luxury of Bandicoot Cove, the resort where her brother is getting married. The last thing she expects is to be knocked off her feet—literally—by gorgeous Brody Evans.

The fireworks are instantaneous. Brody is just her type: sexy, warm, friendly, and in the same boat as her: in the process of getting a divorce.

Spending time together is a mutual no-brainer. Attraction quickly grows to full-blown lust. But flying sparks come with increasingly personal conversations, and soon neither of them can ignore their past mistakes or the circumstances that have led them to the island.

Now it’s time to determine whether old hurts and sudden doubts will prevent love from leading them to a whole new happily ever after.

Product Warning:  If you don’t believe in second chances, never thought it was possible to fall in love again and aren’t interested in scrumptious, hot love scenes, then this story probably isn’t for you. You’d be missing out – big time – but yeah…it’s probably not for you.

Afternoon Rhapsody is available at Samhain, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Today’s Contest

We have two prizes today:

1) An e-copy of Dawn’s Sins Of The Highlander. (And yes, people, you want to win this book!)

2) An e-copy of Afternoon Rhapsody

How to Enter: Comment on this blog post and tell us what you think the 12/21/12 will bring, or if you don’t have any ideas on that, tell me what you plan to do BEFORE the End that you wouldn’t want to miss out on? So, in other words, what are you planning to do in the next five days, just in case the world Ends 12/21/12?

Grand Prize Contest

Prize: $100 Gift Card

Grand prize winners will be drawn on December 22nd, 2012. To enter you can like us on Facebook, follow on twitter, tweet, and comment! You can tweet and comment once a day for the duration of the contest. In order to enter click the party logo below, or enter on Facebook. Good luck!

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32 Responses to “It’s The End Of The World Dawn and Jess style”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    In the next five days I’m making sure the pantry is stocked. If the end is nigh what a waste of time that is.


  2. My kids have autism, so routine is very important. Therefore, I’ll be doing the same things I always do. If/When the end comes, my kids will be happy & that is the most important thing to me.


  3. I’m hoping that by the 21st things will have slowed down at the post office. At least enough so I can have lunch and do all the silly reports in one sitting instead of quick put a couple of numbers into the computer and then run to help customers. Now, this does not mean that I dislike our customers or resent helping them because I don’t. It’s all just part of the crazyness of the Christmas holidays.

  4. It’s the Friday before Christmas, so I’m hoping the boss will let us our early and I can go home and spend times with my pups.

  5. The next five days, I’m going to spend enjoying my family. Regardless of the date on the calendar, we came through Hurricane Sandy safely, and that taught me a lot about not wasting the time that we have. My family knows that I love them, but I’m definitely making sure they all know so much. I really love Jess’ idea of stocking a picnic basket with non-dieting goodies, so I might just do that anyway, even though it’s cold as all get out here at the shore.

  6. The first 4 days I will be working as usual but hopefully not over-doing it. Guess it won’t matter about the job offer I’m supposed to be getting to either keep my current position or accept a different one. All that stress might be for nothing if the world is ending. And on the last day, I will be taking a vacation day, relaxing, reading, eating and being with the most important person in my life, my mom.

  7. I think on the 21st I will go to work…leave early for my vacation and enjoy my time off. I do expect to continue with my 100 book reading challenge. I was at about 60 books this year and that is another goal for 2013. Keep on making my family happy!!

  8. I think and hope that he 21st is yet another stressful day at work where they schedule me for so many meetings it will be impossible to get any work done. Then when it’s time to come home pick up my youngest make dinner and maybe watch some Christmas movies since my day has made me a bit scrooge like.

  9. I would like to be some place tropical with plenty of drinks. Likely, though, I will at work and hating every minute of it.

  10. I will be working. So boring, but we are hopefully going to be reaching the final goal of the project I’ve been leading for the past 4 years, so that’s what all my focus will be on.

  11. I will be spending it with my family. Playing Risk with my hubby and Candyland with my daughter. lol I know boring but I love it!

  12. I still have Christmas shopping to do. I still have to get all the groceries. I’m going to help bake pies, cookies, and candies. I would love to be able to take a a vacation to Hawaii, Australia, or Scotland.

  13. Personally I don’t think the world will be ending so I’m not doing much other than usual. I’m still trying to read and keep my blog up to date and post reveiws. I want to spend more time with my son than he wants me to. lol And I’d love for all the bills to be paid off.


  14. I don’t think the 21st will be any different from every other day of the week…but the 19th is my birthday, so I plan on celebrating my birthday properly…because if it IS the end of the world, I should at least go all out on my last birthday…right?

  15. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I think the 21st will be just like any other day and nothing will happen. I’ll be spending the day doing the same as always – work, spending time with family and reading.

  16. Tabatha Scott Says:

    The 21st is going to be spent just like any other day, but it will be fun to watch everyone talking about it on social media. I will however make sure to tell my loved ones just how much they mean to me…just in case 🙂

  17. I’m gonna party, eat as much chocolate as possible and read as many awesome books as I can squeeze into 5 days!! And hug the people I love a little extra….

  18. I don’t the 21st will be like any other day, but I will be on the computer at midnight and see what happens. I will spend time with my teen son and my DH which we do anyway. Friday is our family night we watch wrestling together so most likely that’s what we will be doing then.

  19. I’m going to try and have as much fun as possible. Live it up, and no worries.

  20. I’m still going to get prepared for Christmas. The 21st will come and go just like any other day. I have baking and some wrapping to do.So that’s what I’ll do.

  21. […] over at International Heat today talking about my bucket list for the end of the world…and doing a giveaway too! Please […]

  22. So far everyone I know is looking at it as another day. I’m planning my day to do normal activities. I hope to have grown more as a person when that day does come.

  23. I think it’ll bring more parties for people to have.

  24. I like Jess’s plan….just spend time with the loved ones and let them know how you feel. It would figure that the world would end on the 21st though, my birthday is the 20th so I will be a year older when the world ends, LOL. Not that I believe it will, but it is a good reason to PARTY!

  25. Susan Romito Says:

    I have no specific plans for the 21st. I’ll just be trying to catch up with my crazy life!! And if the world ends, then I can finally rest. 🙂

  26. No special plans–DD has a dentist appointment at 8am on Friday, so I guess if the world ends before then, she can skip brushing that morning 😉 In the meantime, it’s the last week of school, so working on treats and cards for all school-related peeps… And yes, bonus hugs for the family 🙂

  27. Cherie Clark Says:

    I love Jess Dee… Hey since we live on the other side of the world do we get an extra day? Hope so. I am so with you about indulging in great food. Happy Holidays

  28. I think I’m going to just stay on my usual routine, reading and enjoying my books and will indulge myself with a bit of chocolate, which I have been avoiding.

  29. I plan on doing as much reading as possible!

  30. I’m going to spend more time with and/or gab more with my family and my best friend, read, read, read, and indulge in as much or whatever my taste buds have a craving for!

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