Caridad & Bianca Are Ready for Doomsday

Our special guest on the blog today is Caridad Pinero. Let’s give her a super friendly IH welcome. Take it away Caridad!…

What if tomorrow really was the end of the world? What things would you have wanted to do before everything just came to an end?

In my life, there are the over-the-top kinds of things I’d love to have done. In no particular order:

See the Pyramids, Macchu Picchu and the Great Wall of China

Then there are some that are a little more likely in the scheme of things, like:

Go deep sea fishing
Try to surf
See a pro football game

Finally, but more important than any, those things on a personal level that I would absolutely love to see before that big finale:

See my daughter happily married
Hold a grandchild
Spend a quiet night with my husband
Have a big joyous meal with my family and friends

How about you? What kinds of things would you like to do before the end of the world?

Caridad-200x300On another note, it almost seemed like the end of the world last month when Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore and New York City. The damage that occurred is nothing like I’ve seen in all the time that I’ve lived in that area. It’s heartbreaking for me to witness what’s happened in some of my favorite towns, many of them places where I’ve recently set books like SINS OF THE FLESH, STRONGER THAN SIN, THE LOST and THE CLAIMED.

Since my latest romantic suspense release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is set in Atlantic City, I actually did last minute rewrites to add the storm to the story. I’m also donating my share of the proceeds to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. I hope that my contribution will help to rebuild and restore the Shore I love so much!


If you want to help spread the word about this fantastic effort, here’s some info:

Please help spread the word by posting this where you can:

Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro is helping to rebuild the shore by donating proceeds of her latest romantic suspense release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, from now until March 1, 2013. Caridad’s share of the proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund. THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is available for download at Amazon via this link: Β or at B&N via this link: .

Please help spread the word by tweeting this to your friends:

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #kindlePLZ RT

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #nookPLZ RT

Thank you so much for your support!


Bianca here again with a big WOO-HOO for Caridad and her efforts to help those affected so greatly by the huricane. Caridad lives in New Jersey. I live on Long Island, so we both end up at a lot of events together, which is awesome! Both of our areas got slammed by Huricane Sandy, followed a week later by a snowstorm nobody saw coming. At the time, a lot of folks were wondering if the End was nigh…

Theories abound on what will happen on 12/21. Some people said that the recent floods along the East Coast were all just the Beginning of the End. That there would be giant upheavals in the oceans and land masses as the Earth’s magnetic poles reverse. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc… Personally, I don’t favor that particular scenario because we’ve had this same galactic alignment before where the magnetic poles didn’t shift.

Me, personally, on my wackiest of days, I feel like 12/21/12 marks some kind of return to a previous existence. If the Ancient Alien theory is true and there really is some sort of cosmic alignment happening on this year’s Winter Solstice, then maybe we’ll be put back in touch with our alien ancestors. (Or alien overlords, if you prefer the creepier scenario.)

Of course, I write fiction for a living, so my imagination tends to run wild at times. Though wouldn’t it be cool if the Earth was put in the proper alignment with some wormhole on the other side of the galaxy that allowed the aliens to come here… again? Cool and super scary, at the same time, I guess.

I wonder if they’ll be hot? *giggle*

Well, before that all happens, you can get your mind off the End for a bit by reading a book. What do you say? I know I’ll be catching up on all my must-read authors before the End. How about you?

If you haven’t read it yet, my book FIREDRAKE re-issues a week from tomorrow. It’s book 5 in a series of 7 novels and 3 novellas, so if you have nothing planned for the week leading up to the End, you could catch up with some sexy dragons and their knights! Here’s a bit about it:

FireDrake by Bianca D'ArcWill the fire within burn them all to cinders?

Dragon Knights, Book 5

Years ago, Drake left everything behind for a life in the shadows. While it broke his heart to leave his grieving dragon behind, serving his land as head of a network of spies suited him better. Far better than never quite measuring up to Mace, the “perfect” knight his father wished he could have been.

Mace has always done his duty. Drake, his childhood friend and rival, had been the charmer who effortlessly stole every woman who caught Mace’s eye. Some things never change – not one day back in town, and Drake’s already putting the moves on Krysta, the woman Mace has been courting.

The three of them take on the dangerous task of rescuing a kidnapped prince. Each day that passes on their perilous journey, Krysta sinks deeper into the complicated relationship between the two men and their meddling, matchmaking dragons. Mace is clearly the safer choice as a mate, yet Drake tantalizes her with that unpredictable gleam in his eye. When the three of them come together, any sense of torn loyalty burns away in their fiery passion.

The safety of the stolen prince hanging in the balance, Krysta accepts the challenge to unite two strong men — and their dragons — into a real family.

Warning: Features an intensely magical menage between two former rivals and a woman bold enough to take them on. Heated bickering and explosive love scenes may cause your senses to ignite.

Pre-Order Now from: AmazonSamhain



Today’s Contest

Prize: Winner’s choice of Ebook from Bianca’s Dragon Knights series (books 1-5 only, since the others aren’t out yet).

How to Enter: Comment on this blog post and tell us what you think the 12/21/12 will bring, or if you don’t have any ideas on that, tell me what you plan to doΒ BEFORE the End that you wouldn’t want to miss out on? So, in other words, what are you planning to do this week and next, just in case the world Ends a week from Friday?

Grand Prize Contest

Prize: $100 Gift Card

Grand prize winners will be drawn on December 22nd, 2012. To enter you can like us on Facebook, follow on twitter, tweet, and comment! You can tweet and comment once a day for the duration of the contest. In order to enter click the party logo below, or enter on Facebook. Good luck!

End of the World Grand Prize Contest Entry Form

36 Responses to “Caridad & Bianca Are Ready for Doomsday”

  1. I expect the end of the world will go by quietly, but it will leave us with some of Bianca’s vampires and weres. I would love it if that happened!

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    I’m thinking a mad scramble at the shops, that could be a sign.


  3. Great job Caridad and Bianca! I like the idea of 12/21 being the start of something new or special…then again, I vividly remember Y2K!

  4. As a fellow NJ-ite, I’m very excited for Caridad’s efforts to help rebuild the shore. It’s a wonderful thing to do! Before the end? The simplest answer is I wouldn’t want to miss out on my family. I love Bianca’s Dragon Knights, and I’m looking forward to adding Caridad’s books to my TBR!

  5. I think it’s great that Caridad is donating to help rebuild. It going to take a lot of effort and a long time before things resemble normal. The world may be ending but I still have a lot of stuff to do if it doesn’t. I’ll just keep plugging away and deal with what comes along.

  6. Caridad, love that you are helping in the relief efforts. I auctioned off a story when Piper Vaughn came up with the brilliant idea of doing so, and am writing feverishly to get to it in time. πŸ™‚ I just want you to know I did tweet one of your tweets, thanks for making it so easy to do so.

  7. […] but not least, the end of the world is almost upon us! Visit with me and Bianca D’Arc at the International Heat blog as we chat about what we’d love to do and whether or not our alien overlords will arrive on […]

  8. Well, looks like I will be home on 12/21/12 since I’m taking a vacation day and hoping to enjoy a long weekend. I will probably spend it reading and eating like I always do, nothing exciting and I’m sure we’ll get to see the next day too πŸ™‚

  9. I have to go back to work. 😦 I’ve been on medical leave since my surgery and this is my last week off. I scratching up on books and recorded tv shows. I know I’m exciting. Lol


  10. Oooh, I want to see the Pyramids! And the Nile, and go watch wales in Alaska and see the Northern Lights…lol, so many things on my bucket list!

  11. I am going to home to spend time with my family! But If I had the resources I would love to visit Ireland. It looks beautiful and I have a thing for hot accents. lol

  12. I am going to spend the day with my family and maybe we will have a party. I am thinking of a celebratory drink at midnight 12.22.12

  13. I would love to travel anywhere outside the us. I would even like to travel all over the us. There is a lot of places, I would like to visit. I would like to meet my best friend in Buffalo. We have never met each other but we talk all the time on the internet. I would also like to learn sign language.

  14. Thank you all for coming by and helping to spread the word! I’ll be at work that day also, but hoping the Mayans were way wrong, much like all the blather about Y2K. But I do plan on trying to take some time off this holiday season to spend time with family and friends. They are the most important things to me! Good luck to one and all with the giveaway! I’ll be back later. And KittyKelly, I hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

  15. I expect I will be able to make it to my Christmas Party on Dec 22nd and enjoy my vacation until July 4th πŸ™‚

  16. I’m just taking it as another day and think that the energy we are giving off will charge the air, but other than that there won’t be any changes.

  17. My plans for the next couple weeks are pretty normal, everyday things. Nothing special in the works. Guess it’s time for some quick thinking

  18. I think it’ll be like any other day.
    I’ll be getting ready for Christmas.Getting some baking done and wrapping presents

  19. I think I will try to spend more time with my grandmother. I’m planning on taking her out to run all her little errands. I want to just be with her & spend as much time with her as I can.
    Great post Caridad & Bianca!

  20. Thank you all again. You know, it is possible it’s just a change in attitude. We’ve all been thinking and talking about what we’d like to do, right? So how about we pick one thing for next year and actually do it? Mine – getting up on a paddleboard!

  21. Personally, I think 12/21/12 will just be another day and life will go on….BUT just in case something happens I’m going to try my darndest to actually FINISH something I’m writing and buy the books on my TBB list!!!
    Ashley A

  22. Well, I have 6 cases of booze and wine in the garage, so I better get drinking! LOL

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  23. Susan Romito Says:

    I love Bianca’s theory – how cool would that be??!!
    I have no plans to do anything differently before 12/21/12. Not sure I would have enough time and/or money to do things I really wanted to do even if I did have plans!

  24. *crosses fingers* with any luck it’ll bring snow, but that’s highly unlikely here in Arkansas, but, to be honest, if it did I think it might be a sign of the Apocalypse. πŸ˜€

  25. I’m so boring, but my big project that I’ve been working on for 4 years has its last critical piece finishing up on 12/19/2012 (I hope!), so I’ll be working like a mad person until then, and after that finishing it up. I have no idea what next year will bring, but at a guess, more financial woes for the world, more hate, more stupid people doing stupid things. Sorry, this time of year always leaves me down.

  26. I would want to travel as much as I could be the 21st. Go to England, Scotland, Ireland and see all the fabulous castles. Go to Austrailia, and then to Egypt to see the pyramids. On to Greece and then to Hawaii. Then head home and party with my family

  27. Well, I’ll be a year older by then, and we’re starting the first day of the kids’ winter vacation off with a visit to the dentist πŸ˜‰ At 8 in the morning πŸ˜€ Maybe the end of the world is coming after all… ;p

  28. Plan to read more books

  29. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I think it will be just like any other day and nothing is going to happen just like Y2K.

  30. Unfortunately my job doesn’t understand that the world might end. But if it did, I would want to spend my last week reading books and being with my family.

  31. Things on my bucket list are travel to Australia and Scotland. I’ll be at work on 12/21 as well. Thanks for the contest. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

    • I’ll be a work and that is my hubby’s bday so if it ends he brought it about rofl we’ve been teasing him for a while. I want to retire and travel the world. there are loads of places i’d like to visit.
      scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  32. I plan on spending as much time as possible with my family and reading all my favorite books!

  33. I have heard all sorts of interpretations for the upcoming ‘end of the world’ and so many are conflicting, I’m not sure what will happen. I remember the big Y2K scare, and the predicitons of gloom and doom back then too, and so I look forward to my next birthday relatively unscathed. Burt I do have lots of books stockpiled, print as well as digital, just in case, and a stash of batteries for…things.

  34. Dawna Newman Says:

    Well not sure what to really think, so many different theories out there. It will probably be just another day of getting up with my son for school then back to sleep then read and play on PC. I would if I could is travel though see places I haven’t seen. Visit some of my online friends and spend time with my son and honey.

  35. I would like to travel and see more of the world, learn a new language, and just spend more time with those I love πŸ™‚

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