Days Until End of the World: 12

According to the Mayan calendar the world will end on December 21st. Well…that would suck.

I have things I want to do, people I want to see, places to go. From now to the end of the world the authors of International Heat and some very, very cool guests, will be discussing that they’d want to do if faced with the end of the world.



as we know it, and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. (you know you were thinking it.)

So what WOULD you do if the world was ending? That’s what we asked some of our favorite authors. From now until December 21st check the blog every day for stories about what IH members and our friends would do if we knew the world was ending. There will be prizes every day, and on December 22nd we’re hosting a YAY! WE’RE ALIVE party right here. At that time we’ll draw one grand prize winner who will receive $100 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

But before we get to the freaking out because the world is ending…

Lila, Sami, Lexxie and Rhian

Lila, Sami, Lexxie and Rhian

International Heat are the dirty dozen, twelve authors, bloggers and artists from around the world who write some of the hottest erotic, paranormal, contemporary, M/M, horror…Okay, you know what? We write everything but inspirational, and come to think of it Valerie may have made covers for some inspirationals. But that’s beside the point. Today, as a world exclusive, we’re announcing that Sami Lee is the newest member of International Heat.

Sami is one of those people who looks so cute and innocent, then she opens her mouth and you damn near fall down from shock as she starts talking about giant cocks and fisting and sex with kangaroos. (She’s aussie, so she’s allowed.) Jayne and I saw For a Good Time Call and there was this character with a totally twisted mind and foul mouth in it who looked JUST LIKE SAMI. Seriously, Jayne and I both whispered “Holy Shit” when she came on screen.

She’ll be posting as part of the event, and if you JUST…CAN’T…WAIT, you can check out more about her here.

Lila’s End of the World Plan

I love plans. When I watch zombie movies I start making lists of stuff I should do. Current plan is to get a boat, hide it, then, in case of zombie emergency all family and friends will meet at the boat where we’ll sail in to the middle of the ocean for safety.

So if the world were ending, if NASA announced that the sun were going to explode on December 21st what would I do?

I’d walk.

San Gregorio Beach by Franco Folini

I’d take my husband’s hand and I’d start walking. I’m always running to do something or go somewhere. Even when I go places to relax I have to plan how I’d get there. If none of that mattered I’d walk out my front door, go to the beach, and start walking with the guy I’m madly in love with. I live in LA, but it wouldn’t actually take long for us to reach areas where no one lives. We could walk up the coast for as long as we wanted, or as long as we had.

Uh, wow, that got really dark, really fast. WTH? That’s not like me. Okay, ignore everything I just said. My first idea sounds boring.

If the world were ending I’d do all the stuff too stupid to do when you have a future to worry about: base jumping, drag racing, cocaine and hiking inside a volcano in Hawai’i. Then, at the actual end of the world I’d go to a bar. Say what you want about LA, but we have a killer sense of humor here. I bet the parties that night would be NUTS. Put on a hat, get obliterated and pretend it was the new years party to end all parties.

Better yet, would be to steal a cop car (though is it stealing at that point?) and make in a bar crawl. In case you’re wondering it would have to be a cop car because that’s also something I’ve always wanted to do, and knowing the LAPD that would get me killed if I tried it at any other time.

As long as the evening end with everyone thinking “Yep, I owned this bitch” I say let the end come. On to another adventure. We kinda broke the earth anyway.

In a week I’ll be in Ireland, freezing to death (I don’t like cold,) but its our year to spend the Holidays with my in-laws in Ireland. Spending time in the emerald isle is what inspired me to write this:

The Harp and the Fiddle.jpg

Caera Cassidy has spent two years building the historic—and haunted—Glenncailty Castle into one of the most sought-after hotels and performance venues in Ireland. But she can’t say it’s her dream. She lost that years ago when what she thought was love led her to a dark place not even her music could reach.

Once in a while, though, it’s safe to pretend. And that’s what she’s doing when she plays her harp on the empty stage in the castle’s theater.

When American folk musician Tim Wilcox spots the mysterious woman at the front of the theater, he’s enraptured. Not only by her virtuoso skill and ethereal voice, but by her dark beauty—and the shadows in her blue eyes when she insists she’s no musician.

Wary of repeating the mistakes of her past, Caera tells herself she can indulge in the pleasure of Tim’s company, his touch, without risking her heart. But she hadn’t counted on Tim’s determination to convince her she’s worthy of her gifts. Or on lingering souls who live in the castle, who are growing restless, ready to warn her that deadly mistakes are not meant to be repeated…

“You’ll find yourself transported to mystical Ireland in this edge of your seat, page turning contemporary read by Lila Dubois. A brilliant start to the Glenncailty series.” – Bestselling author Rhian Cahill

Assuming the world doesn’t end it will be out December 25th (I’m thinking Christmas present!)


Today’s Contest

Prize: An amazing prize pack that includes a signed copy of Calling the Wild, your choice of ebook, and goofy souvenir from Ireland, which is where Lila is headed in a week.

You have four options to win: like Lila on facebook, follow her on twitter, tweet about the contest, and comment on this post! Do all four for more chances to win! Enter by clicking HERE (facebook) or HERE, or on the picture of a cat in a cake dome below.

End of the World Grand Prize Contest Entry Form

Note: this takes you to an entry form. It’s quick and easy, don’t be scared. It’s not like the world is…ending.

Grand Prize Contest

Prize: $100 Gift Card

Grand prize winners will be drawn on December 22nd, 2012. To enter you can like us on facebook, follow on twitter, tweet, and comment! You can tweet and comment once a day for the duration of the contest. In order to enter click the party logo below, or enter on Facbook. Good luck!

End of the World Grand Prize Contest Entry Form

51 Responses to “Days Until End of the World: 12”

  1. I hope I would be on a beach with my nieces & nephews as well as their parents! I’d want my parents to be there too! Not very exciting but I would like to surrounded by the people I love if the world was ending. Thanks for the contest!

    • My brother, who is in town to celebrate christmas with me before we leave for Ireland, looked over my shoulder and said “Lame, all of you. The correct answer is run naked through the streets screaming.”

      Thanks, brother.

  2. I would want to be with my children but stealing a cop car could be fun I can see the appeal in that

    Sami joined International Heat!

  4. WELCOME SAMI!!! If the end of the world was upon us, then I would spend time with hubby & children. I would do whatever my kids felt like.

  5. I’m not sure what I would do if the end of the world was coming. I know I’d like to make sure I tell all of my friends and family how much they have meant to me. I know I should probably do it more often but life gets in the way too much.

    Have a great time in Ireland. It’s on our want to visit list for when we win the lottery or some how come into some extra money. Of course, so are a lot of other places! Still, at least in Ireland they speak a form of English so I have half a chance of being understood.

  6. Mary Preston Says:

    If the end of the world is coming. I’m just going back to bed. I guess I get the day of work.


  7. Love the post and two different ways to spend this time. Like you, the rational, loving mother & wife part of my brain says – cuddle with the kids and sex up hubby extra good for the next two weeks. But the irrational, party-girl part of me says have a whopping party with all our friends, crack open the giant bottle of tequila from Mexico, and get wild. 🙂

  8. I would want to be at St. Martines with my family, cheap wine, sourdough bread, chocolate, and all my books. Heck with diet, I say!

  9. Spending time with my great nephew, who always makes me smile. That’s the way I’d want to go.

  10. ronnie halvorson Says:

    Well if it happens at least my family will be together this year! If I knew it was the real deal I wouldn’t pay my bills this month! get in my car and just drive…..

  11. Welcome to IH, Sami! If it’s the end of the world, I’d spend it with my mom even though she’ll probably be watching her Asian soap operas and I would be reading books by the IH authors 🙂 Hey, at least we would be in the same house LOL

  12. Susan Romito Says:

    I liked your walk on the beach scenerio better! Not sure what I would do. My choice would be something with my daughter, but she is 14 and would most likely run in the other direction! LOL

  13. I would want to go to Hawaii or Australia before the end of the world. I’ve never been out of the country and would like to. I would like to go to Vegas one time maybe bet it all to win big. I’m a gambler. I’ve always loved to gamble.

  14. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I would just want to spend every moment with my family (I know…boring).

    Welcome to IH, Sami!

  15. itmfiddler Says:

    No time to do what I wanted (sailing off the coast of New Zealand and Australia) before the end of the world, so I’ll be spending the time doing the usual working and reading thing. Talk about lame LOL.

  16. Welcome Sami. I would want to have a huge party with friends and family. If the world were going to end we might as well be having fun when it happens.

  17. LOL. Y’all are mad crazy fun. I am doing exactly what I want and for most of the time, historically in my life, I have done the same. Not, stealing cop cars mind you… but the Thanksgiving I had Guard Duty in Germany? (was in the Army) well, I’ll just say this. Missed chow. When the Sgt. of the guard got all pissy about bringing me an MRE, I told him I’d explain. He brought the MRE, and asked me what the story was. After receiving permission to speak freely, I answered with this: “Sarge, I was in bed with a beautiful man (Kevin Summers, yes, it was you) and I wasn’t about to get out for anything.” The SOG’s (Sgt. of the Guard) eyes boggled, and he handed the MRE over with a new light in his look. He always had a little smile for me afterwards, and a sort of–go on, get you some, soldier–attitude when I talked to him. LOL. Yep. I don’t believe in living with regrets or shoulda-coulda-woulda’s… and I love it that way.

    Also, having Johnny Depp tied to my bed and having my wicked way with him is not likely to happen before 2012 ends, so I’ll table that wish… until next year!

  18. I’d want to spend some time with friends and family one on one to say all I wanted to say but never did and then have a big party bash!
    Welcome Sami!

  19. I would love to go to an LA pub crawl, but realistically, I’ll spend it quietly with my kids and cats, talking to my best friend on the phone (cause he’s on the west coast)…I will make sure to have enough booze to enjoy myself…Finally, I would make sure to tell those who have wronged me recently exactly where they can go

    Welcome Sami! Love your writing, along with the rest of the IH ladies work!

    Oh and now that song, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” is bouncing off my brain and probably will be for the rest of the day LOL!!!!!!

  20. Probably spend the day catching up with friends and family over good food and drink, take our dogs to the doggie beach and cuddle with the hubby. Or call all the credit card companies and give THEM some “advice” about “customer service.”

  21. Well, if the world is going to end, what better time then during our busy season at work. To eliminate the stress a couple days early. lol

  22. I’d want to spend the day with my Husband and daughter. Playing laughing and just having the time of our lives. lol

  23. I would want to spend the day singing Karaoke at the top of my lungs!!!

  24. Congrats to Sami for joining this amazing group.
    A fun thing would be to steal a really expensive car(one I know I would never ever afford if the world wasn’t ending) and go for a joy ride. And of course spend time with family 🙂
    Filled out the forms.Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  25. Sounds like a fun contest!! I’m hope we are all still here at the end of it!! lol I am so boring I have no clue what I would do if the world was coming to an end. 😦


  26. My hubby has a plan for the zombie apocalypse, his doesn’t involve a boat but that does seem interesting. His involves this co-op near our house and some RVs we would have to steal along the way. 🙂

  27. I’m totally un prepared for the end of the world. I like many others would try to spend my last days with my children & family.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. Shop til I drop, put it all on plastic because if the world is going to end I won’t have to pay the bills!

  29. in the year 2012 if man is still alive, if women can survive, they will find ….
    i love parties!! i don’t want to die b4 next year’s RT convention!!
    julie comins
    iread2xs at yahoo dot com

    • oh sorry forgot to say i would go to my cottage in Maine and just chill, i would be chilling because it’s a summer cottage with no insullation but i could heat up a few rooms!!

  30. Knowing me, the end of the world will come and go and I won’t even notice it until I run out of food or the bus doesn’t pick me up to take me to work. This is assuming that the end isn’t a big fiery mess. Hmmm. I guess that would mean no overtime on the 22nd.

  31. Hm… I hate to disagree with your brother, Lila, but running down the streets naked and shrieking is NOT high on my list of things to do if the end of the world is near!

    Eating my favorite foods with my family probably IS. And hitting a few of the special books on the keeper shelf…

    And I guess I can stop worrying about cleaning out the garage ;p

  32. Dawna Newman Says:

    IF the end of the would would come, I would spend time with my family – jump in the car and go anywhere a tank of gas would take us and spend all our money on things we always wanted and haven’t gotten because being responsible adults ;).

  33. If it’s the end of the world, I would hug my kids and then binge out on all the stuff I’ve been doing without…fudge, sex, chocolate, ice cream, hot naked men, cake, cookies, hot naked men…did I mention hot naked men?

  34. Wouls spend the day just being together with my husband and kids, though knowing my friends they would throw a huge party to go out in style 🙂

  35. I think I’d do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t because they’re illegal. Jeez, I sound like a sociopath.

  36. I’d eat a lot of food.

  37. I am not sure what I would do if the world were ending. I guess just spend time with my family and eat lots of junk food (why not, there would not be any consequences 🙂 I would be PO’d though that I would die a year older (my bday is the 20th).
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  38. Wait, if you’re drawing a winner on the 22nd, won’t the world have already ended on the 21st? If we absolutely knew for sure, I would be spending time with my family, giving hugs and never letting go.

  39. I have been a Sami Lee fan for years. My what that girl imagines with a shower nozzle!!

  40. Janet Bailey Says:

    If I knew the end of the world was coming, I would have a great big party with all my friend and family and party the end away.

  41. Well we are flying home to be with family for Christmas so if the end of the world happens at least we will all be together :O)

  42. 12/21 is the last day of school here before the Winter break, so it is most definitely the last day of peace and quiet at home for many. For me I want my nook in one hand a large margarita is the other.

  43. I know I’m late but I liked on facebook and tweeted!! And if the world ends…well then I missed out on A LOT of good books damnit!

  44. Done! Thanks for sharing! Looks good! 🙂

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