Hot Rods Inspiration

Have you heard about Jayne’s new series, Hot Rods? An you thought Power Tools was sexy…

Jayne is reveling the photos she used for inspiration for the characters, which will be used for some of the cover art.

From Jayne:

Well, while I was making the Hot Rods series bible, I found the artwork of Sohpie Renee from Unique Portrait Services and was soooooooo inspired.  She’s an amazing photographer from Florida.  I loved all of her pictures and used her images for my personal inspiration for all the characters from Hot Rods.
Sooo…. I’d love for you to meet the Hot Rods gang:
Eli (King Cobra):
Alanso drives a motorcycle, a main character in King Cobra and Mustang Sally:
Salome (Mustang Sally): second down in the strip of photos
Kaige (Super Nova): this is the model, the picture of him we select I can’t find on her site but… YUM!
Bryce (Six Pak Rebel–it’s not spelled wrong, it’s a car part brand): top photo
Holden (Swinger Style): fourth picture down of him in the car
Carver his nickname is Meep because he drives a roadrunner but he’ll be part of the couple featured in Barracuda’s Heart:!/photo.php?fbid=10150329111225540&set=a.411992010539.206341.386355340539&type=3&theater
Roman (Barracuda’s Heart): second from bottom image will  Roman & Carver
Uh, Lila, why are you writing posts about Jayne’s stuff? Isn’t it Jayne’s week?
Jayne gave up sleeping, and it’s made her loopy, so I’m helping her out.
Hmm…did she ask for your help?
No, but I’m so helpful I did it anyway!

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