Undone Diva Now Available

This is supposed to be Jayne’s blog week, but we’re all conspiring to keep her away with our million new release. Today it’s my turn to blog-nap IH from Jayne, because Undone Diva is now out!

Undone Diva is the last Undone Lovers book, featuring Emory, who we met in Undone Rebel. If you’re looking for a BDSM with a little sexy twist, you need Undone Diva. Emory is a Dom who rocks more than on major sex fetish/kink. He’s all about the role play. Prisoner and jailer, spy and interrogator, princess and pauper, princess and solider/guard, prince and pretty peasant.


As an entertainment lawyer, Emory has his share of famous clients. But when A-lister Sasha Brazil is caught in a sex tape scandal it should have been a PR nightmare, not a legal matter. But Sasha is being blackmailed because her tape shows her bound and begging to be used, everything her hard action-star hero persona isn’t. If the tape gets out her image will be destroyed.

Emory takes Sasha on as a submissive, telling her that she’s safer subbing to him than to a man who might blackmail or betray her. Together they begin a passionate BDSM relationship centered on Emory’s specialty, role-play. The sexual relationship quickly morphs into something more, but Sasha has secrets, and when the man who turned Sasha into a submissive shows up even love may not be enough to save her.


Emory watched in stunned silence as a masked man hogtied Sasha. The video was dark and grainy, Sasha’s skin a strange green color. Despite the grainy quality, her naked body was clearly visible on the bed, her limbs long and supple. There’d yet to be a good shot of her fully nude, but there were plenty of her face. The video had started with her on her knees, head bent, though she was visible only from the shoulders up. There’d been a quick shot of her breasts as she stood and bent over a chair to have her ass paddled, and now she was facedown on the bed as the man looped rope around her wrists and ankles.

A BDSM session with her as the submissive went against everything Sasha Brazil was. Sasha Brazil was tough, smart, stylish and in control, not submissive—sexual or otherwise. The woman on the tape was soft, needy and above all submissive. No wonder they were worried.

“I’ve seen enough.” Emory paused the video. He saw Sasha’s shoulders sag in relief.

“We’ll all be ruined!” Sean circled back to the other side of the desk and dropped into his chair.

“Sean, perhaps you could wait outside.” Emory was tired of the other man’s near hysteria.


“You’re not helping,” he said frankly.

“Okay, okay, I need some tea or something anyway.”

Sean touched Sasha’s shoulder as he walked past. She had yet to turn around.

The door closed behind Sean and Emory slowly got to his feet. Sasha turned. Her shoulders were tense, her face expressionless.

Emory couldn’t believe it. She was a sub.

Of all the women in show business, she was the last he’d expect to be a submissive, which, he now understood was exactly the problem. She was known for being tough-sexy, not submissive-sexy. Her roles as the ball-busting action-movie heroine would dry up if this tape got out.

Then again, it was possible that she wasn’t a sub, but had simply been experimenting. But that didn’t seem like a sex game, it seemed like a formal BDSM session.

“I understand your concern,” Emory said. “This is not fitting with your persona.”

She snorted delicately but she was crushing the hat she held in her right hand.

“Please describe the circumstances that led to this video being made.”

Sasha paced his office side to side, her long legs eating up the distance in only a few steps. “I made arrangements to spend time with a…with the man in the video. I didn’t know he was taping it, and I didn’t tell him who I was. I thought it was okay, but yesterday I received this copy of the video with a demand for one hundred thousand dollars or the tape would be given to the media.”

Emory bent to make a few notes on a sheet of paper.

“And when did the events in the video take place?”

“The first of this month.”

“And where?”

“Columbus, Ohio.”

That surprised him and he looked up.

“Why were you in Columbus?”

“For that. To meet with him.”

Emory rubbed his thumb against his lips. There were still a lot of questions, a lot of gaps in this story, but he had a suspicion about what had happened.

And if he was right, it would mean that she wasn’t just playing at submission as part of a kinky sex game.

“You’re not being entirely truthful with me.”

“I’ve told you everything you need to know.” Her eyes flashed with dark fire as she faced him down. “Do your job. Make this go away.”

“It’s more complicated than that, and we both know it, because there’s more than this video, isn’t there?”

Her chin notched up. “Deal with the video and everything will be fine.”

Emory came around to the front of the desk and leaned back against it. “There are two possibilities in play here. The first is that you were experimenting sexually and decided to play at some BDSM.”

She jolted when he said BDSM and Emory grew more certain he was right.

“The second is that you’re a true submissive.”

Her eyes dropped. It was only a spit second before her fierce gaze met his, but Emory had caught it, her instinctive submission, evidenced in nothing more than the lowered gaze.

“What I want from you,” she said, voice a mix of silk and steel, “is to know what you plan to do about my problem.”

“And what problem is that? The tape or,” he pushed off from the desk and walked toward her, “your need to be dominated?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t?” They were face-to-face, so close Emory could see the flecks of gold in her irises.

“Step back. You get one warning.” Sasha’s tone was cool but her entire body radiated danger.

Emory circled her until he stood at her back. She kept facing forward but threw her glasses and hat onto a chair as if she wanted her hands free to hit him. Emory grimaced. If he was wrong he was probably about to get his ass handed to him by a girl.

“I know what you need, what you want.” Very carefully, he slid his hand under her hair and touched her nape. She started to turn and he wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, holding her tight. She could easily break away from his grip but she didn’t. Instead, her head dipped forward. He pulled the collar of her jacket down and pushed her hair aside, exposing bare flesh.

“You’re a submissive.”

Everyone please note where the bad kinky blackmailer lives. Tip of the hat to an IHer who calls that part of the world home.

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