New Releases!!

WOOHOO! Today I have not one, but TWO releases. lol

The first one is an m/m story that is released to all third party sites and the second one is an m/f that is a VIP release at Total-e-Bound that will release with 3rd party sites in a couple weeks.

Book six in the Alliance Series

Sometimes going back is all you can do…

Angel Carter doesn’t know why he kidnapped a criminal and fled the planet. He just knows that he’s confused and the man responsible is one Frank Morgan. His ship crashes leaving them both stranded on Earth, a planet that is supposed to be free of people. A perfect hide out—or it was until he’s greeted by the natives.

Frank wanted to be free of a life of crime and made a deal to turn in his boss when things went crazy. He was injured in the process and woke up when the ship he was on crashed. He didn’t remember much—only now he’s in a jail cell with the very man he was supposed to be working with.

Will the past bring them their future?

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It isn’t up yet at BN, but should be soon.


Book six in the Seeds of Dawn Series

Is the world ready for shifters?

Kitty Kelley is running from her past dragging along her younger twin sisters. With a bit of luck she ends up at the Masters pack. Just as she starts to get comfortable—her past catches up.

Everett Cord wants what his cousin has found. A mate. He used to be the go to guy for his cousin, but now that he has a mate, Everett is a bit lost. When Kitty’s past shows up, he is there to protect her.

Shifters are about to be exposed to the world and it’s going to take Kitty’s past and Everett standing strong with her to make sure the outcome doesn’t have them locked in cages.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

This is the LAST book in the series. 🙂 Right now it can only be purchased at Total e Bound. BUT…they do send direct to your kindle.

BUY at TeB

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