Everyone Still Alive?

Well, as you can tell by the fact that I forgot to blog my Holiday was great. We had a wonderful thanksgiving at my Uncle’s house. In order to keep from getting snippy we played Mafia rather than just sitting around staring at each other.

For Black Friday shopping we hit up JCPenny. We didn’t want to go anywhere that was open Thanksgiving day, as being open on the holiday is not a trend I necessarily want to support. We got these little buttons and then brought them home to enter the codes (I won $5).

I got my gifts for Ireland–my husband’s sisters and I are doing Kris Kringle (mother-in-law drew names). We had a spending limit of 50 euros. With black Friday shopping that translated into a very cool trench coat, a purple sink top and a necklace.

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend.

Don’t fall off the roof putting up Holiday lights!

One Response to “Everyone Still Alive?”

  1. Hopefully it won’t cost to much to ship. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We did a simpler one so I wouldn’t get to tired.

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